Tuesday, February 17, 2015

All Authors Autism Awareness Fundraiser: Join the Cause!

What some people are not aware of is that April is the

National Autism Awareness Month.


What is National Autism Awareness Month?

Autism Awareness Month is a time to educate your community about autism. It's a month designated to spreading autism awareness in what ever way possible and to promote inclusion, understanding and acceptance in the community and beyond.


Now, why am I bring this up, you might ask?

Some people don't know this about me, but Autism is something that is near and dear to my heart. My youngest son, Gino, is Autistic. Here is a picture of he and I:


Unbeknownst to him, he is my angel... my everything. He's my hero and so much more. Many times people approach me and give me praise for being such a, as they put it, "strong, and determined single mother, while having a child with special needs" they go on to say that I'm "one tough cookie" and that "they don't know how I do it".

My secret? My son!

Only when you are a special needs parent do you learn that if it weren't for your child, you wouldn't have made it this far. Let me explain ...


Gino, is my hero. "Why?", you might ask. The answer, as complex as it might seem to others, is incredibly easy to me.

Since the day he was born, he has had no relief from a condition that hinders him in many ways; mentally, physically, emotionally.

There are times that he simply cannot understand certain things, some things he cannot eat—not because he doesn't want to but because he truly cannot, due to texture and things of the sort. Often, he cannot understand his emotions, let alone someone else's. He didn't speak until he was 7 years old, and with difficultly. And now, while he can hold a conversation, it's excessively limited. Restricted to the very few things that he can understand and process.

When he is in any pain at all, of any kind (broken bones included), he cannot express it. He doesn't know how. So, he sits there and endures it, because it's all he knows how to do.

When he is confused, he cannot tell me why, nor can he ask me to explain because he doesn't know how to. When he does something "wrong" many times over, he doesn't even realize that he's done it.

Tantrums come, but only because he has no other means of expressing his frustrations.

He is socially unaware and inept, not by choice but be default, due to the Autism. He walks around all day long in his own little world, and needs to be assisted with EVERYTHING he does—from getting dressed, to eating, to simply tasks such as going to the bathroom. He needs to led by the hand in everything that he does.

On top of this all, he was also born legally blind. My poor baby cannot see even 5 inches in front of him without his glasses. Due to his Autism, and the fact that he couldn't express his needs, I didn't find this out until he was 2 years old. He recognized us (his father, siblings and I) by our voices.

Autism is a condition that is hard to live with.

But, you know what?

He does that day in and day out, without complain or remorse, and even more than that, HE IS HAPPY! He is so, so happy! He makes everyone he comes across smile and laugh. He brightens up a room whenever he walks in it. People instantly fall in love with him.

How do I know this? Because every single day I hear him laugh out loud, smile as though nothing is wrong with the world. People approach me just to tell me what a love he is, and how amazing he is. He gives me love like no one ever has, and receives unconditional love it in return without complaint or question.

He smiles, he laughs, he is always happy. Always! Even at his lowest moments, he's happy.


How does a person with so many limitations live so happily? How can they? I can't fathom it, yet I ADMIRE IT WHOLEHEARTEDLY!

When I see him struggle, when I see him fighting to survive, yet doing it as though it is as natural as breathing, I can barely contain the tears. He doesn't know any other way, this is his life, and he's accepted it.

Those are the reasons why he's my hero!

Never in my life had I admired and loved someone more, until the day he was born. He carries my heart in his hands every single day and doesn't even know it. But, do you know what? He carries it with care, and I wouldn't trust anyone else with it as much as I trust my little angel.


Yes, it's been hard for me. OF COURSE, it's been hard for me. But, how dare I compare my hardship with his?! There isn't any compare. Not in the least.


Why am I bringing this up now being that we're just in February?

Well, All Authors Publication and Promotions is holding the first ever annual "All Authors Autism Awareness Fundraiser".

As the Founder/CEO of All Authors Publications & Promotions, and as you are aware now, Autism Awareness is a very important thing to me. I believe that creating awareness and acceptance is key. This fundraiser was established to bring authors together in helping the Autism Awareness Society to raise funds for the research and development therein.

This Fundraiser will start on Wednesday, April 15th, 2015 and last until Thursday, April 30th, 2015. Please invite your friends, your readers/followers, and fellow authors to join this event.

The last day to sign up for this event is Tuesday March 31st, 2015

We are "Authors Aware of Autism", so let's ban together and make this the best Book Fundraiser we've ever seen.

So, how do you join?

You have tow ways to join.

Via Facebook, here is the link:

All Authors Autism Awareness Fundraiser on Facebook

Via Google+, here is the link:

All Authors Autism Awareness Fundraiser on Google+

If you are an author that would like to sell your books during this Event, just click on the link below and fill out the document:

All Authors Autism Awareness Fundraiser Author Participation Form

So, come one, come all, invite family, friends, readers, writers, authors ... EVERYONE! Let's make this happen. Not just for my Gino, but for every person with Autism out there. They deserve it!

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