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#WomenInSciFi Featuring Nicola McDonagh



Who is Nicola McDonagh?

Nicola McDonagh is known for her unique writing style. She is the author of the unconventional sci-fi/dystopian Song of Forgetfulness action adventure series, and the award winning short story anthology, Glimmer. She loves to play around with the written word and the visual image and has been a photographer, actor, director, scriptwriter and other less exciting things, before settling in Suffolk with her musician husband, and a plethora of rescued cats and chickens.
She also teaches photography, creative writing and her other passion, cooking, to the young and old alike.
She won the Suffolk Book League’s Short Story Competition, with Glimmer, and was shortlisted for The Escalator Genre Fiction Competition with her novel, Echoes from the Lost Ones, book 2 in the series, The Song of Forgetfulness. She was given a Certificate of Excellence Award by All Authors Promotions for her short story collection Glimmer.

What are her Sci-Fi Contributions?

The Chronicles of Mayer Blurb:

Adara needs to know about her past if she, and everyone else, is to have a future.
The Moocow Monks of Mayer have the answers. Inside their subterranean archive, Adara learns disturbing truths hidden for centuries.
When a catastrophic flood wipes out most of the population of Great Britain, a handful of survivors and a sacred herd of cows struggle to stay alive as plague and rising waters engulf most of Europe.
As terrifying storms endanger their pilgrimage, Mayer and Arjuna must battle not only the elements but rogue soldiers, intent on butchering the holy cattle.
Can they build a sanctuary in the mountains of Scotland to secure the survival of mankind if disease, brutal attacks, and infertility threaten to wipe out all human and animal life?
“…a unique plot that caught me from the very beginning.”
Download your copy of this action-packed apocalyptic adventure now!

Whisper Gatherers Blurb:

She has a power like no other. If she uses it, she'll die. If she doesn't, the world is doomed.
Seventeen-year-old Adara is an orphan, an outcast, and a freak. But when a religious cult, name her as a saviour, everybody wants a piece of her. To escape their bloodthirsty clutches, Adara must fulfil her destiny and destroy a vicious enemy she has no idea how to defeat.
With war raging and her brother abducted, Adara must conquer the evil that threatens to wipe out the terror-stricken survivors. But how? Her supernatural gift is the key. The only problem is she doesn’t know how to use it.
“If you like action, and science fiction then you’ll appreciate one of the first books EVER that gives you high powered adrenalin with chilling revelations of utter suspense!”
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Echoes from the Lost Ones Blurb:

What if your last day at school turned out to be your first day as a rebel warrior?
Alone in the hostile Wilderness, Adara must undertake a life-threatening quest to find her brother and unleash her power before an evil force destroys her world.
But someone is following her every move. 
With starving cannibals, kilted wild men, and sinister monks out to get her, Adara’s only hope is to join forces with the terrifying masked Clonies and their savage wolfhounds. Can she trust these mysterious mutants? Or will they betray her to the enemy?
"I loved the language, and both the style and the voice of the book reminded me of Patrick Ness' Walking Chaos Trilogy."
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A Silence Heard

Trust no one - not even family.
Does Adara have enough courage to survive betrayal, war, and loss? 
Adara’s search for her brother takes a sinister turn as she and her friends infiltrate Agro headquarters to free the Meeks.
With only a handful of allies by her side, Adara soon learns that these mysterious adversaries are more powerful and cruel than she ever imagined. Despite overwhelming odds, Adara and her rebel troops must destroy the Agro army.
But a traitor is trying to sabotage their mission. Someone is in league with the enemy. Someone close to home.
An action-packed post-apocalyptic journey into the dark side of human nature.
“Easily a must-read for dystopian adventure lovers out there.” (Amazon Review)
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