#WomenInSciFi Event

What is the Women In Science Fiction Event?

The Women in Science Fiction Event is a yearly event meant to spotlight talented female Sci-Fi writers. This event is hosted and was created by Y. Correa, the President of All Authors Publishing House and proud multi-genre Indie Author.

During the month of September, Y. Correa coordinates with several female Sci-Fi authors from various places around the world, for the Women in Science Fiction event. 

The idea is to present the public at large, and/or individuals who enjoy Science Fiction, with a multitude of books/stories that they may otherwise never seen.

The Science Fiction market is vastly dominated by men; only a tiny 30% of Science Fiction writers are female. Out of those, even less are seen and recognized. In a world that is governed by male Sci-Fi writers, Y. wants to demonstrate that women can do it too. Perhaps, even better.

Women In Science Fiction, 2020

September 4th, 2020: Rebekah Wagner

September 6th, 2020: S. E. Cyborski

September 11th, 2020: Nicola McDonagh

September 13th, 2020: Synful Desire

September 18th, 2020: Bonnie Milani

September 20th, 2020: Cloud S. Riser

September 25th, 2020: Harmony Kent

September 27th, 2020: Y. Correa

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