Monday, February 16, 2015

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Title: Delectable Things: Special Edition

Author: Synful Desire

Publisher: All Authors Publishing House

Release Date: February 14th, 2015

Genre: LGBT Erotica, Contemporary Erotica, Multi-Genre

*This book contains subject matter for audiences 18 or over.*


Satisfy your appetite for spicy sensuality and provocative plots with these dishes of erotica.

Main Course: Delectable Things

Sabrina can't believe her ears. The man she's been fawning over for far too long now has completely turned on her, leaving her with nothing. Sabrina decides it's time to get up and get away.

Taking a long over due trip far away from her bane, things steam up really quickly and Sabrina discovers all of the Delectable Things that life has to offer.

Dessert #1: Simmer Sweet

It is said that confession is good for the soul. Does it still ring true when circumstances are complicated? Kesha has finally come clean. She has let Teresa know about her feelings. The only drawback is Teresa's engagement to Chris. Teresa is forced to make a choice between Chris and Kesha. The fallout will be nothing less than a fire of simmer sweet.

Dessert #2: Handy

Darbi has had her share of bad luck. She is unexpectedly in job purgatory and has no chance of ever getting a promotion. Her online dating profile sat months without any responses. Why should she continue?

As she signed on to delete everything entirely, three responses catch her eye. All are different but each has something about them which makes Darbi want to meet all three. Ade appears to be the guy next door. Boyde looks like a supermodel. Choise looks like the rugged type.

When all is not what it seems, Darbi has concluded that her love life is mating with her job status in purgatory. Will anything come in handy to turn her luck around?


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