Monday, May 25, 2020

Finding My Heart by Queen of Spades

Hello wonderful readers! I am very happy that Author Y. Correa has allowed me to be here to discuss my newest short story offering "Finding My Heart".


Leopold Hawkins Threadbare is revered for his scientific genius, which has blessed him with great fortune. When the lovely Katarina is less than impressed, their disagreement spirals him into unexpected circumstances. Time is of the essence. The treasure is Leopold’s heart. The reward is his life. Discover if Leopold achieves success in Finding My Heart.


“Leopold Hawkins Threadbare, in matters of the heart, you are one of the most obtuse human beings on the planet!”

Flabbergasted at her statement, I shouted. “Rina, why so salty? I thanked you for being there for me. What else do you want?”

The porter pointed at the watch, signaling the last call for passengers.

Katarina sighed. “I pray it won’t be too late by the time you figure out the answer.”

She kissed me on my right cheek. “This is farewell Leopold. For now or forever is up to you.”

With that declaration, she boarded the train. The doors closed, and the train began pulling off.

My body had a mind of its own. The clanking of my shoes against the surface of the platform. The train was not quite at maximum speed. Perhaps I could make it stop.

“Rina!” I screamed. I waved my arms, hoping to get someone’s attention. Not willing to give up, I sprinted. Still yelling Rina’s name. Still waving frantically.

A sharp pain flooded my body. My hands clutched my chest. My sprinting slowed into a walk, then to a crawl. The train gained speed, widening the distance. I’d never be able to catch up.

More pain came, paralyzing me. The act of breathing was a struggle. My throat tightened. All surroundings became fuzzy. Then distorted. Then deleted.

"Finding My Heart" is available (1) on my website (in pdf form) or (2) via All Authors Publishing House (which also offers epub and mobi, along with pdf).

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