Sunday, May 24, 2020

When Summer Lingers by Queen of Spades

Good day everyone! I am Queen of Spades. My main genres are poetry and contemporary fiction. Author Y. Correa has been kind enough to allow me to talk about one of my short story freebies "When Summer Lingers".

Dahna is quite comfortable in her role as an outcast. Her favorite activities are painting her nails and hanging out on the beach. An observation by the quirky Carr leads to an endearing friendship between two unlikely people.


Overall, When Summer Lingers covers the tale of two individuals. Dahna is withdrawn and accustomed to being a loner. Carr is more extroverted and open to making new friends. During the summer, an important message is driven home: to treasure time and the experiences you have with others.

This free short story is available on my website as well as on the Freebies section of the All Authors Publishing House website.