Monday, September 28, 2015

Me, controversial? * shocked face *


No, I lie.

I'm not surprised.

I am highly controversial at times.


Suffice it to say that I'm not very surprised that some people deem me controversial. Particularly, when it comes to my writing ventures.

Some time ago I was asked:

"Do you think that any of your sci-fi mashups stir up controversy? If so, which ones and in what way?"

Simple answer? Yes, all of them to one degree or another.

Not so simple answer?


I think the best plan of action today would be to address just one of them—the most dynamic one—my pride and joy.

The story of mine that is pretty heavy in the Controversy Department isn't even published yet. As a matter of fact, I've been trying to write it for a few years now and haven't even completed it. But, I'm perfectly okay with that as the story is replete with a tangled web of information. So much in fact, that my mind looks a little something like this when I think about it:


And that's ↑ an understatement!

I mean the amount of thoughts that cross my mind due to the complexity of this story is a kin to having Steven Moffat, Stephen King and Stephen Hawking (Side Note: I didn't realize that I had that many Steve's that I looked up to. LOL) inside of my head all at the same time.

(Other Side Note: THAT would be a dream come true to me! #LoveMeSomeSteves)

You know what? I just realized that I haven't even shared the title of the work with you all. Just goes to show how complex the story is. LOL :D

It is "Genesis Ellipse ...".

So, let me tell you a little bit about the controversial aspect of it.


Reason Number One

Religion, religion!

As most of you know I was brought up Wester Christian. "Genesis Ellipse ..." bends the basic fundamentals of that which I was taught to accept and uphold. It plays with the concept that all religions are tied into one another and that some of the information in the Bible has either been misconstrued somehow or is blatantly incorrect altogether.

Needless to say, the church in which I was brought up might not be very happy with my interpretation of the story.

Reason Number Two

Is science really fact or merely the translation/perception we get from an altered reality?

I toy with the idea that science as we know it today may stem from religion and may even be incorrect as a whole.

Well, those hardcore science buffs may not be all too happy with that.

Reason Number Three

"What If" is the name of the game.

I've come to realize that most readers today want everything spelled out for them. In "Genesis Ellipse ..." the reader is basically forced to use his/her imagination. Many times to "fill in the blanks". And do you know what? That's exactly the point.

So, I can almost promise you that this won't make some readers too happy.


In a nutshell, "Genesis Ellipse ..." will be so different, to so many, that it'll more than likely stir up all sorts of whispers and controversy.

With that being said, here is a taste of "Genesis Ellipse ..." my current Work In Progress.


The Genesis of Time


“I am truly sorry Ish,” Michael said with a sympathetic frown, then turned to Isha and with an empathic nod, finished, “Isha.”

“But, why Michael?” Ish questioned, heartbroken, “We did the best we could after our mistake. We tried, worked hard, were faithful ... TO HIM ... and to each other!”

“'Tis not my position to offer explanations or excuses. It is merely to be done.” Michael responded, not knowing what else to tell them, all the while knowing that their hearts were grieving.

“Michael, please? I beg of you, speak to Him. Have Him understand our position. I beg!” Isha continued.

“I cannot!” He finally said, firmly. “Every choice, bad or good, has its ramifications. In your case, your choice was the worst of all. You chose death, over HIM! The life you lived on earth is not nearly enough penalty to pay back your deception. This, is now your punishment!” Coldly he spoke, having ultimately reached his peak of mercy.

An eternity? An infinity of time apart? Jumping back and forth in time, never able to be together? Having no memory of each other, having to always and forever, feel the gap of emptiness and solitude? Not having love, not having each other? THAT, was their price to pay?

How could The Eternal call this fair justice?

What justice was there in this punishment? What clemency? He called Himself the All Merciful, yet cast this chastisement on them, KNOWING that they could not live without each other. Just as HE, Himself, had created them to live!

Oh, how they pained at the revelation of their misfortune to come. How, they hurt inside. They couldn't fathom it! More than that, they simply could not except it!

They held each other, finding solace in one another's arms—consolation and security. In the safety of their lovers embrace they stayed for a few moments following. Isha began to sob. Ish, tried to remain strong.

Then, they felt themselves being pulled apart. The oddity was not that they were being pulled apart by an invisible force. No. The oddity was that as they were drifting from each other, yet within one another's hands remained the pulsing everlasting heart of the other. Red, gleaming like a ruby on fire. Beating with life and force.

Ish, had Isha's spirit heart in his hand and Isha, had his. Then, just like that, they were gone from one another's side.

Oh, but what little would they truly know about their fated future...


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