Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Two Questions ...

peter capaldi

Question Number 1:

Do you think that any of your sci-fi mashups stir up controversy? If so, which ones and in what way?

Question Number 2:

As one who was brought up in the church but no longer practices its teachings, what would you say to others who believe your style of writing and topics is blasphemous?


Quick Answers:

Yes, and chill the heck out!

Of course, I'll elaborate a little. LOL. :D :P


I am currently working on a story that will break the barriers of many different genres. A story so complicated that at times I wonder if I'll even be able to execute it properly.

Imagine this:

Time Travel (Chrononaut Science) mixed with Quantum Physics, mixed with Biblical History and Religious Mythology, mixed with Romance and Adventure, oh and a side of Chick-Lit just to keep things interesting.



As a matter of fact, today I was wondering this ...


However, before I stray too far away from the questions, let me do a "U-ie" and actually answer them. LOL


I am not completely certain if my current works stir up controversy, but I am 100% positive that "Genesis Ellipse ..." will.

I am entirely sure that people will feel some sort of way about it; be that good or bad. And you know what? I'm absolutely fine with that.

You see "Genesis Ellipse ..." plays with the concept of the one thing that humanity reveres the most: religion. The thing is that it not only fools around with Judeo-Christian belief, but Buddhist, Islamic and Muslim ideas as well.

Of course, I did not choose to do this to offend anyone, but rather to showcase the thread that ties each religion—God.

What "Genesis Ellipse ..." does is tinker with the idea of religion and science meeting hand and hand, and not in the way that most perceive it today, but in a way that indicates that all religions are tied together, and all of them stem from a single source. Moreover, it uses Science Fact and Science Fiction to prove that point.

I honestly believe that the story transcends the concept of story telling and dabbles with the perceptions of faith, love and the human condition.

There have been instances in which people have asked me about the title. They can't quite understand why there is an ellipses after the word Ellipse.

The Answer?

The title has a profound meaning.

Here they are per the Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online & Google.

Genesis: the origin or coming into being of something.

Ellipse: a circle. A Circle: The circle means universal, sacred and divine. It represents the infinite nature of the universe. Basically, the Ellipse represents a never ending cycle.

(Ellipsis) "...": an unfinished thought of sentence. An incomplete thought, left open to interpretation.

WhatDoesThatMeanIt means this:

The beginning of an innumerable, infinite cycle of occurrence that is unfinished.

Yet ... there is more.

The Genesis part of the title refers to the two main characters: Adam & Eve.


The Ellipse refers to Basic Quantum Mechanics Theory.


Quantum mechanics is the science of the very small: the body of scientific principles that explains the behaviour of matter and its interactions with energy on the scale of atoms and subatomic particles. This ties into the Chrononaut aspect of the story.

Finally the "... (ellipsis)"

ellipsis_bgcrop1This is indicative of the omission of information. Perhaps, we weren't being told the entire story, perhaps, someone just filled in the balnks and got it wrong.

Meaning that we don't know what the true story is, or where it's headed.


The entire concept of the story is bound to make some heads turn and some people frown. Especially those in the church—any church! Even more so, the one I grew up in.

I grew up in a church that EVERYTHING was sin and blasphemy. From a female shaving her legs to a man wearing short pants.

However, I am not concerned about the possible backlash of angry fanatics. I'm not worried about my story creating controversy, because that was something I knew was going to happen from the beginning.

What I would say to those whom want to create an uproar about a story that they cannot understand, is "Relax, it's JUST a story! I never said that I actually believe it."


I can honestly say that I have a feeling, deep down inside that "Genesis Ellipse ..."—should I execute it properly—will be my masterpiece. I'd be surprised if I ever write anything better.

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