Sunday, August 16, 2015

This Damn Heat's Got Me Thinkin' ...


So ... this damn heat's got me thinkin' ...


I was asked something pretty interesting not too long ago, but it wasn't until today—when I'm sweating like a pig in a sauna—that I started thinking about it. Yeah, it's like a zillion degrees out today.

Okay ... I may have exaggerated a little, but you get my drift. I keep telling people, I was born in New York during a blizzard in the month of January.

The heat, the summer? JUST NOT MY THING.

But wait- I've went on a tangent and veered off of my topic of discussion. Oops. My bad.


I was asked:

"If someone were to challenge you to write something that was not a mash-up, would you be able to do it?"

At first I was like ...


Then I was like ...


Then ...


And, lastly ...


Having gone a full 5 minutes without answering the question as I mentally tried to access if I could or couldn't, I finally came with the conclusion, that ...


Here is sort of how it went down in my head.

  • At first I thought about Sci-Fi. I'm pretty good at it after all. Plus it seems to be one of my favorite genres.

  • Then I thought, "Yeah! Why not? I mea-", abruptly stopping cold.

  • I was like "Wait ... Hold on a sec ... Um ..."

Why? Because immediately after those thoughts my mind began to reel into a frenzy.

What sort of frenzy you ask? The kind where Sci-Fi blurs into something else. Then that something else, drifts into another thing.

You see, I guess in order to best explain it I'd have to give you an example of how my mind works.

My brain is sort of set up like a tree (both physically, like all humans, and metaphorically).


Each stem/branch is tied into the trunk, and each leaf on that branch is a picture.

On top of that, all of those leaves/pictures are playing at the same time. Blossoming, then falling and doing it over again, in unison. Like an endless cycle.


They are all independent thoughts, tied together by a single source making them a whole unity.

Therefore, in my mind, Sci-Fi cannot exist without Paranorm, Paranorm without Drama, Drama without Mythology, Mythology without History. So on and so forth.

Why again? Because in my mental universe everything exists in concordance.

For me to even so much as attempt to write a story that IS NOT a mash-up seems unnatural.

Then I wonder;

Does that make me weird?

bitmoji435497694Oh well!

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