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Short Story Relationship Round Table: Darbi, Minnie & Odette

Welcome one and all to my blog. Today I have a special treat for you all. Three very exceptional women are here to visit with you all.

Before we go on with this post, let me tell you a little bit about what we did.

Six of the members (those are Synful Desire, Da'Kharta Rising, Adonis Mann, C. Desert Rose, Y. Correa and Queen of Spades) of All Authors Publishing House came together to interview the ladies from "Ryan", "Loving ... them!" and "Handy". Each member asked a series of questions, and the ladies replied in suit.

So, here we go:


odette1. Odette, keep it real: Is a hot fuck better than a steady relationship?

Hmmm … that’s a tough one. Truth be told, sometimes it is. Let me explain. Not every man you meet is relationship material, if you know what I mean. So if I were forced to weigh my options, if they guy isn’t relationship material, but a good fuck … then I’ll take the good fuck.


2. Darbi, is there any guy you would have given another chance to that you dated? Why or why not?

No, I wouldn't have because the trust had already been broken.


3. Minnie, are you holding out hope that Ryan will ask you out or have you fantasized about others since then?

Well, if I were to say that I haven’t fantasized about others since, I’d be lying. But there is something so special about Ryan. I really do hold out hope for him, but in the interim, I fantasize about him and others.
Is that bad? *confused look*

4. Odette, does chocolate really mend a broken heart more than vanilla, strawberry or butter pecan?

Well, personally it is. However, I did some research and here are the results:
“Dark chocolate is actually a healthy source of antioxidants, provided you eat it in moderation. Even better, dark chocolate in particular may help lower stress hormones like cortisol and catecholamines, leaving you less anxious and stressed.7 This mood-boosting effect was found among those eating just 1.4 ounces a day … so you don't need to overdo it (and remember, milk chocolate and white chocolate are much higher in sugar, and may therefore have the opposite effect on your mood).”
YET, milk chocolate always helps me. So maybe it’s a mental thing, but I find tons of comfort in chocolate. Other flavors just don’t cut it.

5. Darbi, did you ever try the old fashioned way of dating prior to online? (You probably did but I just want some dirt)

Yeah I did but just wasn't getting the results I wanted.

6. Minnie, why don't you just ask Ryan out already? What's really stopping you?

I’M SCARED SHITLESS! He is FIIIIINE! You know that a-typical intimidating factor the regular person has about asking the hottie out? That’s what happens EVERY …! DAMN …! TIME …!

7. Odette, what was the real deal with the Hippie? Was it “Veggie Discrimination”?

Yes! Yes, it was. I NEED meat! No kidding. All of that “Eat veggies because Mother Earth wants you to” just doesn’t cut it for me. If Mother Earth wanted me to have a strict diet of veggies, she would have never invented cows.

8. Darbi, I like my men fine and able to move … ehem, I mean, dance. Exactly WHY did you rush out on Boyde? Just saying.

He wasn't exactly in manly form during his moves, if you know what I mean.

9. Minnie, I am wondering, did you ever bring extra panties to the office just in case the pair you were wearing got soaked through? If so, how many times did it happen?

By God yes! Almost every day I had to carry an extra set in my purse. One time, even the extra set got soaked so I was walking around with a wet crotch most of the day. Finally, I decided to try panty liners.
Wait! I wonder if that makes me some sort of undercover nympho?

10. Odette, you mentioned having been in an abusive relationship. What made you come to terms with the abuse, and decide to get out of it?

Can you believe that he only reason I got out was because he cheated on me? THAT was the only reason why. Had I not discovered his infidelity I might have still been in that relationship. It was like he had some sort of power over my mind to make me think that I was always wrong and he was right. Even when I knew I was right.
How weird is that? Craziness.

11. Darbi, we all have flaws, none of us is perfect. Had Ade not been a phony, having been upfront with you from the beginning, do you think you would've gone forward with that potential relationship?

No, I don't think I would have. I do have a weight requirement as it pertains to a guy. I can't be concerned with whether his body weight is going to crush me or not.

12. Minnie, roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, Ryan is too. So, how many times did you eat him up in your imagination?

Ball parking it? Oh, at least 3 to 4 times a day. In different ways and different scenarios. Sometimes it was right there at the office on my desk in front of everyone.


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