Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Birthday to ME!

Hello everyone! Kisses and hugs!

Well, as per the title of this post, today is indeed my birthday. It's been a grueling 4 decades, I can assure you that. Lol.


So, in celebration of my special day, I've decided to share 5 special things that you may not know about me. And, PS: I don't bite. If you have a question or would like to know something else about me, just ask.

Here we go...


I frequently get asked my nationality or ethnicity. Most people can't place it. Some, however, have.

I am Latina.

Now, while some have guessed my ethnicity, they can't seem to guess my nationality.

I am of Puerto Rican descent. And, YES, I do speak the language fluently.



I have an obsession. "What is it", you're wondering? I'm obsessed with the combination of the colors pink and blue. I mean, they just compliment each other so very well. Here ... have a look.


You can't tell me that doesn't look amazing together. Lol


I am the youngest of 3 siblings. I don't really ever talk about my siblings, so for some reason lots of people believe that I'm an only child. I'm not.


candles-2 For all of the traveling that I've done in my life, I'VE NEVER BEEN TO DISNEY WORLD! Nope. Not ever. Not once.



I am a huge Comic Book buff (I was also a Tom-boy as a kid). I love anything Marvel comics, and most DC comics. When my kids were little, I introduced them all to Stan Lee and they are incredibly grateful that I did. LOL

"Windtalkers" Premiere


Well, that's about it for "All About Y." for this Birthday. Stay tuned until next year for more tidbits about ME.

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