Thursday, October 2, 2014

A.L.O.M. Episode 2: Stranded


And, I am pleased to announce the release of A.L.O.M. Episode 2: Stranded!!

I'm super excited to off the public, FREE OF CHARGE, the next installment of the A.L.O.M. series. Following is the Blurb:

Vlad’s travel aspirations should have been a dream come true. Yet the reality of his scholars’ teachings concerning the ancients is quite sobering. A.L.O.M. is in need of dire repair and lack of technology, industrial science and language barrier prove hefty challenges for Vlad. Will he gain cooperation from the ancients to save him from this travesty or will the final destination remain Stranded?


Get your copy now at And if you haven't yet read A.L.O.M. Episode 1, get that too! They are FREE, what do you have to lose?

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