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A.L.O.M. Episode 2: Stranded

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So I'm super happy to announce that A.L.O.M. Episode 2 is completed and ready for launch. I'm just waiting on my illustrator to finish up the cover. I'm super excited about it. :)

For those of you who do not know what A.L.O.M. is or is about...

A.L.O.M. was a short story mini series that occurred to me some time ago while I was indulging in a marathon of one of my favorite TV shows called Ancient Aliens which is typically shown on H2 (History Channel 2).

Being that I'm a Sci-Fi nut, and I like to mix things up from time to time, I thought to myself, "How cool would it be if our Ancient Aliens were actually just us?"  Thus the premise for A.L.O.M. was born.


Blurb of A.L.O.M. Episode 1:

The year is 2130. Long gone are the days of high definition television and rock and roll. Mankind has entered the greatest age of technology. Vlad Kappel is a man of few words and even fewer desires, one of them being a dream to pilot the world's first time machine which he has helped to invent and build. A fan of the eons old television show Ancient Aliens, Vlad has always been intrigued by the ideas of time and space travel. When he is suddenly and unexpectedly given the opportunity to live out his secret dream the results are astounding... and none too coincidental.

This short story series is available for FREE to the public at

Those who read the first part were left awaiting the second. So, without further ado, I'd like to share with you an Excerpt from A.L.O.M. Episode 2: Stranded, which will be coming soon to Smashwords for FREE.


Vlad Kappel quickly found out that not everything was as it seemed.

This world that he'd been whisked away to was something entirely different than what he'd been taught. Vastly different than what scholars had tutored his generation in.


Yes, these were ancients. Indeed, they lived primitive lives—but cro-magnans, they were not. Nor were they neanderthals. They did not bounce around the wilderness like beasts, they did not beat each other atop the head with clubs, they did not hunt with pointy sticks and did not live in trees.

This was intelligent man. Sophisticated and rational. The only thing they lacked, that Vlad had at one time in his life, was access to was modern technology. A technology that was no longer at his disposal. Certainty filled him that had he had said technology, he could teach them how to use it, and not only would they understand, but they would learn.

Industrial science, machinery, robotics, electronics... how he missed it. The wonders that it would do in a civilization such as this, he mused.


Vlad lacked a thorough understanding of their language. He knew a little. Very little. Still, until he could find a way back home, he would have to make it a point to become more proficient in ancient Incan. Becoming fluent in every aspect of it was imperative to his future as well as theirs. Honestly, how else would he be able to teach and guide, more importantly dialogue efficiently, unless he could communicate with them?

Everyday Vlad—as the people's new god—would approach them to learn things. Words, culture, their rendition of daily living. It was all so new to him. New and intriguing.

Still, it bothered him that the people revered him as a living god. They would prostrate themselves in front of him until he coaxed them to stand and speak to him. This was not what he wanted. All he wanted was to go home, and in the interim help them build a more civilized habitat. The one thing that he'd noticed about these Incans was that they did not live in the spectacular pyramids that he had studied about in his time.

Had they not built them yet, he pondered?

As for the A.L.O.M., Vlad knew that for the time being it was pretty much out of commission as it pertained to space-time travel. However, other more practical uses could be a possibility. Transportation maybe.


For some reason the thought of such things cause Vlad to recall the day he'd arrived to this time and place....


Like a violent ball of fire the A.L.O.M. descended from the sky, encapsulated in smoke. The speed with which it came billowing down to the earth was ferocious. Vlad, frivolous. He went light-headed and nearly vomited due to the brutal propulsion and turbulence. Then like a comet crashing into the earth, the A.L.O.M. collided onto soil and rock. Inertia followed rumble, which preceded thrusting and rocking. Never had Vlad experienced such a potent ride. His body could barely take the commotion.


Minutes later, after the fog in his head cleared—as well as the fog and smoke that surrounded his vehicle—Vlad tumbled out of the machine, space suit stained with dirt, grit and brimstone.

First his knees gave out on him, causing him to flop to the ground, his hands the only thing keeping him from liquefying into Mother Earth's gravitational pull, then he slowly lifted his head and floundered to removed his helmet, gasping for fresh air. Clean air.

A.L.O.M. Episode 2: Stranded

Copyright Y. Correa 2014


I hope you enjoyed, and be on the look out for the impending release!

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