Wednesday, January 20, 2021

"Reversal" Tour Day 3

We're almost there!

One more blog post before the big "Release Day". In the meantime, as we count down, here is my Day 3 Post.

Main Character Connectivity: Albert, Celestine, and Trudy

I’ve never been the type of writer to sit inside a mold of any kind. I’ve always written in a way that blurs genres, lines, and character makeup.

In a typical story the two main characters—Albert and Celestine—would either be related or have some sort of romantic connection, whether it was reciprocated or not.

I, however, believe that in real life that isn’t always the case. In real life, things aren’t just black and white.

Thus, when mimicking real life via its fictional mirror, it’s important to stay true to certain elements. Blurred lines is one of them.

I was asked, “Why aren’t Albert and Celestine an item?”
The answer is, “Who says they aren’t, but also, who says they are?”
I wanted to leave that up for interpretation; I wanted the reader to speculate.
Were they really romantically interested in each other, were they just friends, was it something else? Something more?

No one knows. In the end, it doesn’t matter. Because romance is not the point of the story anyway.

The point of the existence of Celestine and Albert is to tell you the story that truly matters … the story of “Reversal”.

Speaking of blurred lines … let’s talk a little bit about Trudy.

Who is Nurse Trudy and why is she so dead set on getting Celestine busted in the first place?

Why, that’s the big question?

In my mind, when writing “Reversal”, I thought of the iconic Hardboiled novels of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. In those stories, in those days, a villain was a villain just because he/she was. There was no real reason or substance to the person … they just liked being bad.
It beckons the thought of how some people just love drama. They seem to thrive on it.

However, during the writing of the story, as it got deeper, things changed. Trudy was no longer a villain just for the sake of it, she was a person with purpose. She was a person who not only thrived on the drama, but did it because it meant something to her.
Then an image came to mind--one that I might write more about someday in the future in the form of a short story.
The image was that of Trudy and Celestine in Nursing school at the same time. Studying together, socializing together, the works. In time, the quintessential “turning of tides” visits their doorstep. Celestine begins to excel at what she does, whilst Trudy remains the underdog; never to meet the standard that Celestine embodies naturally. Thus, a long and deliberate plan is put into action by Trudy. A plan of redemption. She would prove that Celestine isn’t as perfect as everyone thinks she is.
Years later, they both find themselves in the world of “Reversal”, a world replete with happenstances which call out to Trudy that now is the time for her reprisal.

Celestine is now in a situation where she can only call upon the one person that’s been a mainstay in her life … Albert.

Thus the ties of blurred lines and incomprehensible connections come to life. All because of a single miracle.
A Special miracle.

See y’all tomorrow for the official book release! I can hardly wait to share it with you all.

Y. Correa

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