Friday, June 28, 2019

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The Treatment of Tragedy

Hello. I am Da’Kharta Rising. I am addicted to tragedy. I do not seek remedy to this addiction. On the contrary, I will tell you what tragedy has done for me.

Everyone prefers seeing people in their best light. People obsess over everything from makeup, to hair, to clothes … all of this to ensure they aren’t made fools of in the public arena. People put in the universe their desires to be happy, to be fun, to be prosperous. All of that sounds fantastic but there is a flaw that is the neverending stain of all mankind.

It is the thirst for more, being parched due to dissatisfaction.

What drives this thirst? Is it due to the fall from grace in the Garden of Eden? Is it wanting to be perfect? Is it being in constant competition with the next being? Could it be all of the aforementioned, or none of it at all?

From what I have observed, the people who supposedly “have it all”  act the most ungrateful. Almost entitled, like they have the right to be at the top of the mountain all the time. They take what they have for granted, to the point of indifference.

To me, that’s an act worse than hatred.

Where are the lessons if everything is handed to one without recompense? Where are the checks and balances if all behaves on the uptick?

In this regard, tragedy is a requirement. It is an absolute. It is the necessary splash of water to arrogant faces, the ones that don’t believe they are one power walk, bicep curl, or leg press away from losing everything.

Sorry everyone, there was this workout video that was aggravating me. Where was I?

On second thought, this whole workout thing may make for a good analogy. Stick with me. 

In order for a muscle to become strong, it has to encounter some level of resistance. Yes, it’s nice to be able to do 200 reps with five pound weights, but after a while the 200 reps would become boring, to the point where one can do it with eyes closed.

Therefore, one has to increase the pounds to provide more resistance.

Tragedy is humanity’s resistance. Yes, it causes a lot of strife, in varying degrees. Each individual handles tragedy differently. Some have difficulty bouncing back; others let the happenstances consume them to the point of no return.

As a writer, I choose to utilize tragedy in the most powerful way possible—in writing, to act as a mirror into human behavior as well as to deliver my own twisted way of justice.
For me, death isn’t a scary thing. It’s a natural act, on a mode of everything’s eventual. Some causes may be a bit gorier than others. Oh well! It is what it is.

When one can turn pain into power, suffering in silence into standing strong, whoever is against you is already defeated, even if that person doesn’t know it. You are delivering a message to the Universe (or whatever you choose to believe in) that you aren’t a punk and giving said Universe permission to unleash whatever venom it wants.

For that reason, I have never wished for a tragedy free anything. It is the pain which gives me fire, which revitalizes me. Talk trash about me? Cool. I’ll resurrect you as a character that loses his tongue. Want to hurt someone close to me? Okay, bet. Your death in my next story will involve slow, meticulous disembowelment.

You get the picture.