Saturday, June 29, 2019

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Let's Talk Development

Hi everybody! Let’s talk Development.

When the question of “Where is paradise?” was brought up, usually one brings up a place. Usually, in the genre I’m most closely associated with (re: erotica), a hot steamy love scene between two hot people is the definition.

To me, that was a bit too boring, not a challenge in the least.

As writers, we have to challenge ourselves, even if you are one of those types that likes to stay in your lane. Not throwing shade on that. It’s just that you have to find different ways to write about universal situations; otherwise, how can you really discern one from the other?

I wanted to approach it from an emotional perspective and the first thought which came to mind was those who believe that confession is good for the soul. Not only that, but also those people who have done wrong things in the eyes of man. Those people confess to ensure that they will be accepted in Heaven before they pass on.

The main character, Cecilia Teflon, is in the later years of her life. I don’t specify how late but her health is failing. She can’t move around as well and she has moments where she remembers events out of order. Due to a situation that is happening with her granddaughter Amber Moon, Cecilia believes that relaying an event that happened in her past can prevent Amber Moon from doing harm to others with her actions.

Not only will confession unburden Cecilia’s spirit, Cecilia feels it is her onus to counsel Amber Moon to prevent her, if she can, for making mistakes that could jeopardize Amber Moon’s future. 

Hence, peril be on us.

What can I say? I couldn’t resist the play on words.

I do love Cecilia. She is a wonder mix of tough, tender, and comical. Cecilia was a delight to create and enjoyable to me as a reader. Also, the attendants that provided assistance, rebelling against the horror stories one hears about abuse done to the elderly.

I guess I shouldn’t say this but I can’t stand Micah. Yes, I know I created him. Yes, he has that level of arrogance and lyrical swag that brings loads of females to the yard. It doesn’t take away from the fact that I’m not cool with the core of him. Yet, the contrast is a prime ingredient for the drama I had to pull off in the seemingly perfect bond of Amber Moon and Geoff.

I have the most fun in the gray—creating characters where the verdict is out whether you like them or hate them. For me, that person was Amber Moon. She represents, in my view, the modern day female—I pause in saying “woman” because woman involves a certain level of maturity and security. That is where I’m going to leave it because I’m not going to spoil all the inner workings of the narrative. 
That’s where the reading comes in.

Until next time,