Monday, May 16, 2016

Tomorrow Is Take 2 ...

... because tomorrow marks the official release of "Earth 8-8-2: Genesis' Rebellion".

bronze_beaded_divider___design_png_by_jssanda-d6arclnYou ever have the one book you've written that makes you realize that you can care less how many copies sell, as long as people to read it, even if that means having to give it away for free?

Now, that's not to say that I want to give it away for free, but I REALLY WOULD love for people to read it. However, that would include them having to read the first book first.

Honestly, I'm getting to the point where I can barely wait to finish the entire saga so that I can put together a box set. That's gonna be awesome!

box of books_0I mean, there is so much that I would love to tell the public about this collection, but I think it's best covered in the "Guest Posts" that I've been featured in this past week. Here we go ...

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Finally, Adonis Mann asked about Genesis' DNA, here:

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bronze_beaded_divider___design_png_by_jssanda-d6arclnNow ... with all of that said, let me share an excerpt of the work with you.

On second thought, I'll share an excerpt of books 1 AND 2.


cooltext182350479929388Earth 8-8-2: The Genesis Project

25322275Chapter 2

One Week Later

Days passed and during that time Dr. Scott accelerated the growth of the being ... his child.

He watched, tinkered, tampered and analyzed some more. He mused at the growth of the creature. It was developing his reddish skin—something common between 8-8-2 Earthlings—but that was all that was noticeable at the moment.

Curled in a fetal position, the expedited, induced fetus, whom was the size of a three month old blastula looked like nothing more than a red kidney bean, with tiny limbs just now beginning to grow.

Dr. Scott had witnessed several things—so many things in his lifetime—but nothing quite like this, ever. This child, growing in this glass container, was too an Earthling, but none like any other earthling had seen before. He was a new species, a new creation, a new form of life.

The genesis of a new age.

Two Months Later

The fetus was at this juncture accelerated to his second trimester. His ... no, not his, but hers ... her features were now somewhat visible.

She still contained her father's reddish skin and was beginning to grow wispy strands of his mahogany hair. That too, the semblance of an 8-8-2 Earthling. She had once or twice opened her eyes, and as opposed to having his yellow orbs, hers were different. Very different.

Pitch black irises, as dark as the chasm of emptiness. Bright red corneas, as vibrant as a bonfire ablaze. Deep yellow sclera; the sun at its highest point.

So different, he considered.

Four Months Later

The child was now in her third trimester. Ready for extraction.

Dr. Scott could not help the fact that he'd grown attached to the child, and in so doing he'd selected a name for her. Genesis; for she was the beginning of a new species—a new, marvelous, wondrous variety of earthling.

Beep... beep... beep.

This time the chiming sounded different. It wasn't the monotonous bleeping of a boring machine. It was the incessant alert of impending serendipity the likes of which had no compare.

Genesis was to be 'born'!

bronze_beaded_divider___design_png_by_jssanda-d6arclnEarth 8-8-2: Genesis' Rebellion

IMG_0373Chapter 2

The beeping sound which resounded amidst the silence of the scarcely occupied room did nothing to alert anyone, for those there were already at attention. Endeavors such as these were bound to have an audience.

Three sets of eyes peered into the mammoth glass, liquid filled container that housed Project Armageddon (Code Name: Experiment Eight-eight-two-dash-five-point-one); General Townsen’s, Doctor Theodor Belt’s and Acinom Zenit’s. The tank: a matrix created to nourish and sustain Project Armageddon—grow and strengthen it to its fullest capacity.

Acinom pushed a button then flipped a switch on the rotundus supercomputer which covered over half the wall and the sound ceased.

“Acinom,” called Doctor Belt, his voice raised, as though she were in another room, “check his pulse.” Acinom’s eyes shrank to slivers, the disdain of being yelled at pestered her.

“Yes, Doctor.” Acinom reached over, pushing another button which caused a spectacle of waves and numbers to appear on the computer screen in front of them. “Normal, Doctor.” she concluded.

“Good, good.” responded the happy Doctor.

Before any more hoopla could transpire, General Townsen trumped the tangible glee in the room, his voice filled with animosity. “How much longer before Experiment Eight-eight-two-dash-five-point-one is activated?” the dryness in his tone leaving much to be desired. Acinom frowned then squinted; chomping at the bit to put him in his place, although that was not necessarily her place.

Doctor Belt interjected, “Well Commander,” he walked towards the titanic, rectangular, transparent glass cistern which had a wide array of tubes and mechanisms affixed to it, and placed his hand on the glass, as though attempting to touch his creation. “It shouldn’t be much longer.” The gleam in Doctor Belt’s eyes was akin to a maniacal scientist basking in the glory of his creation—mad and euphoric. Doctor Belt pressed his forehead to the glass and shut his eyes, then released a long sigh of gratification.

Inside the immense vessel, attached to innumerable contraptions, floated the inanimate body of being liken to an Earth 8-8-2 man, but not.

General Townsen huffed his satisfaction, turned, pivoting like a soldier about to march, and left the room.

bronze_beaded_divider___design_png_by_jssanda-d6arclnSo, STAY TUNED for tomorrow's big event! THE RELEASE OF "EARTH 8-8-2: GENESIS' REBELLION".


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