Thursday, March 3, 2016

Upcoming Book: "Lilith's Dominion"

As you guys know, I'm always working behind the scenes on different things.  One thing I've been working on as of late is a novelette called "Lilith's Dominion", my very first "strictly vampire" tale.

So, you're probably wondering, "Who is Lilith?"

collierlilith8x6According to midrashic literature, Adam's first wife was not Eve but a woman named Lilith, who was created in the first Genesis account. Only when Lilith rebelled against Adam did God create Eve, in the second account, as a replacement.

The idea of Lilith has always fascinated me, mostly because of the mythology. Some believe that she was the first vampire, others think she became a demon, while others still think that God just shot her down.

My story "Lilith's Dominion" explores the aspect of Lilith having become a vampire, as well as what happened after her condemnation.

vamipreFor your enjoyment, here is an excerpt.

It is believed that before the Genesis of the human age, Adam had a wife ... a first wife; Lilith.

Created from the same ground from which Adam was molded, Lilith proved to be a bit more than his subordinate.

She was his equal.

Legend has it that Lilith was strong willed, independent and unyielding. All of the things that Adam did not want in a wife.

Red hair, sensual curves and red-brown eyes, Lilith was voluptuousness in the form of a woman. Passion, ardent and burning vitality. Lilith considered herself Adam’s compeer in every way—second to none and nothing.

What Adam hated to admit was that Lilith was his weakness, his burning desire, and his fierce, iniquitous poison. As much as he wanted her, he also hated her. It was her authority that continually dominated him, and her lasciviousness that seduced him. He was less of a man when he was around her, yet he also could not feel more empowered.

Adam realized that his was an obsession with Lilith was a lecherous enthrallment and nothing more, for he could not love her. Neither could he be her master. This was the problem. Adam’s job was to be in control, to be the head. The leader of Lilith and all of their descendants. For this, the Creator had made him.

Yet, around her—Lilith—he was nothing more than a groveling, dribbling, insecure excuse for a man. She had him wrapped around her little finger, and this suited her just fine.

Adam, not so much.

This was not what the Creator had mandated. Not what he intended when making them both. He needed Adam—level headed and trustworthy—to be in charge. However, with the ever present seduction of Lilith, this wouldn't be possible.

Something must be done.

red_page_divider_by_cougar28-d4vppotSo, stay tuned for the upcoming release of "Lilith's Dominion" by yours truly, coming April 1st, 2016! Woot! Less than a month away!


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