Monday, March 21, 2016

Q & A with Y. Correa: My Paranormal Desire


I was approached by a fan who asked:

If you could choose to be any paranormal creature, what type would you be?
How would you use your abilities in the world, and would it be for good or evil?

thinkingI really like these questions because it is something I've thought about more than once. I mean, really, if I were an X-man per say, WHAT WOULD I be? Anyone who grew up as a fan of fantasy fiction and science fiction must've asked him/herself this question various times throughout their geeky lives. LOL. Hey, I get to say "geek" because I am one! ;)

super_powers_collectionI mean, there are so many to choose from.

Of course, anyone who knows anything about these types of things, knows that you don't get to choose, you just have. LOL. However, since in this particular situation I get to choose, I'm fixing to go all out.

All of us "superpower" fanatics know that there are various categories of superpowers. Some a bit more common ground than other, but all fantabulous nonetheless. Some of those categories are:






Which are the top 5 recognizable entities.

Each one of those categories have sub-categories such as the type of entity. That sub-category has a triennial category; type of ability.  Some of these are:



Super-strength, and the list goes on and on.

Of course, contingent on what type of entity you are, depends what type of power you have. For example: if you were a god, then typically you would be connected to a superpower that has something to do with nature and/or daily living. However, if you're an extraterrestrial, then it is assumed that your superpower is the ability to bend the laws of physics and the like.

Even within the main categories there are divisions. For example: the paranormal category covers all those things that go bump in the night, but also the entities that are believed to be connected to biblical theology. IE: angels and demons.

Now that all that is out of the way, the question would be, "What type of entity would I rather be and why?"

movingonIn order to decide what type of entity I would like to be, I'd have to weigh the pros and cons of being that entity.

If I chose to be a paranormal, there is an enormous set of rules that go along with it.

  • Vampire:
    Can only come out at night.
    Has to live on blood.
    Garlic bread is a no-no.
    Wooden steaks of any kind ... lets just say, nope.
    Live to be the undead-damned.

  • Angels:
    No mingling with the humans.
    No sexing up the humans.
    Bow down to thine master at all times.
    Do you job and shut the heck up.
    Bless everyone EXCEPT yourself.

  • Demons:
    Be damned. Period.
    Everything you want to do ... just ... NOPE!
    Leave the humans alone. No exceptions.
    Can't go ANYWHERE.
    Home is a HELL of a place.

And, on and on and on goes the list.

So what is the benefit to being any of these? Well, eternal life and AWESOMENESS! I mean, no, seriously, they are awesome.

Back to the question: What type of entity do I want to be? Hmmm ... I'm gonna have to say superhuman. Why? Well because the list of "no no's" is much smaller. Just follow one main rule: DO NOT KILL THE PETTY HUMANS. I mean, I can't promise that I wouldn't want to. But, I wouldn't. It wouldn't be worth having the entire globe after me just for smiting a stupid, big-mouthed human.

Plus, let's be honest here ... THOSE OUTFITS!! :D Lol

Screenshot20140217123556Now, on to what power(s) I would have ...

I think I would love to have a power similar to Magnito. You know, being able to control metal of all kinds. Why? Well, because all "good things" are kept inside of layers and layers of metal. LOL.

I think I wouldn't be a bad or good guy but maybe something in between. Like an antihero slash vigilante, probably.

bronze_beaded_divider___design_png_by_jssanda-d6arclnSo, yeah ... there you go, dear fan. I would be "Y the Redeemer"! LOL



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