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H.E.R. & Simmer: Sweet & Smoothe Blog Tour

blog tour bannerHiya! Today I am happy to bring you all a double interview with authors Synful Desire and Adonis Mann. They are both highly talented and incredibly amazing LGBTQIA authors and today they are here to talk about their upcoming releases, "H.E.R.: Handy Extended Release" and "Simmer: Smoothe & Sweet".

Let's here it for Adonis Mann & Synful Desire!

clappinghandsI asked both of these authors some questions in regards to their works and here is what they said. First up ...


1. Ms. Desire, inside of H.E.R. there are two short story extras, why were they included? Do they tie into the main story? If so, in what way?

Well, there is a bit more than just two extra short stories. H.E.R. also has an epilogue and some speak from the main character of "Handy" herself. The two extra stories, although they don't directly tie into "Handy", do tie into the different traits that I feel make for long lasting intimacy--being erotic, daring to be experimental, and permitting yourself to be entertained.

2. From the story Handy, who is your favorite character outside of the main character and why?

For me, it is Boyde. He didn't get a whole lot of play but the way I described the man left a lasting impression. Just the thought of that sexy chocolate makes me blush! :D

3. Who and/or what was the inspiration behind the story?

I will assume you are talking about the main story "Handy" so that is what I will address. I wanted to paint out a somewhat realistic landscape of what the modern dating landscape looks like. The Internet is relied on so heavily for connectivity, and romance isn't excluded. Plus, more often than not, women have had these particular experiences so putting a few twists on the search for love made for a comical tale.

New Handy CoverSimmer Sweet

1. Do you find that Simmer Sweet represents modern day relationships in any way? If so, how?

This is a tricky question for me to answer because I'm an advocate for the whole happily ever after. Yet, I'm also realistic that not all blueprints for relationships are the same. There are people who use that type of bond as simple experimentation while others make it a staple in their relationship, or even include additional people. Simmer Sweet, if anything, represents one becoming aligned with what she really wants. Now whether it is a keeper or a fling, I leave to the reader. 😎

2. Is Simmer Sweet anything like your LGBT novelette Delectable Things?

Simmer Sweet is different from Delectable Things in that I aimed for the whole two best friends finding love, as opposed to just creating the backdrop for multiple experiences. In addition, Simmer Sweet is strictly same sex, while Delectable Things did go into detail about some heterosexual dealings prior to Sabrina's trip to Miami.

3. Does the conflict in the story mirror similar things that you've lived in your life?

I have been in the situation where a best friend has confessed her feelings for me and it go nowhere. I've been in spots where a relationship blossomed. I used the feelings associated with the best of times to showcase the connection between Teresa and Kesha.

SimmerOutstanding! Thank you Ms. Desire. Now onto Mr. Mann. Here is what I asked and what he answered.

adonis1. Why is "Smoothe" misspelled?

In my story "Simmer Smoothe" the word smooth is spelled incorrectly because it is a name. Think of the surname Greene for example. It may read like the color green, but since it is a name, it is spelled differently. This by no means implies that it is incorrect, however.  :)  That is to say that Smoothe is a homophone to smooth.

2. Are any of your characters like you in any way?

Yes, actually. I like to think that Tommy is a bit like me. As a matter of fact, I did mold him after myself is some regards, except that he is a bit more emotional than I am. Nevertheless, Tommy has a semblance of me.

3. Who was your favorite character in the story apart from the main character?

I would have to say Rene, Tommy's best friend. He reminds me so much of the "crazy friend" that everyone has. He's over the top, fun and interesting. The sort of person that everyone wants to be around because he could lighten up their day. So, without a doubt, it is Rene. ;)

red_page_divider_by_cougar28-d4vppotwootWith that said, y'all should check out these book trailers of the aforementioned works. They're the bomb!




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