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<3ing My Fans: Q&A with Y. Correa

fan question

I was asked:

"If you could have a 'day in the life' with any of your characters, who would it be and why?"

Maaaaan, this is one of those questions that would be incredibly hard for me to answer. Why would it be so hard for me to answer? Well, because everyone of my characters holds a special place in my heart. Nevertheless, I promise to give it my best shot.

SpecialPlaceInMyHeartFunny though, as I heavily ponder on the question while I write this blog post, my answer becomes a bit more clear every second.

It would be ...

D.F.ScottFrom "Earth 8-8-2: The Genesis Project"

We first meet Dr. Scott during the rebellion of Earth 8-8-2 towards the tyrants that governed the world. He's a man that needs to feel a sense of purpose, but more than that an intelligent man that can serve the greater good via his knowledge and capabilities.

Here are some of the attributes that Dr. Scott has that would ultimately lead me to want to spend time with him. Be it a day, a week, or a month.

(PS: Random side note. I also have sort of a baby crush on this character.)


Dr. Scott would look sort of like the above, but not completely. He would have crimson red skin, yellow eyes and mahogany hair.

Anywho ...

  1. He is a scientist, which implies that he's incredibly intelligent and indubitably fascinating.  (More random side notes: I'm into sexy nerds. #SapiosexualPride)

  2. He has a good heart, and is very caring, although he didn't discover that right away.

  3. I'm positive that there would be things that he could teach me which I'd never heard of or seen before. IE: Like how he created Genesis.

So ... what would a day with Dr. Scott be like? Hmmm. I think it's easier to show you rather than to tell you.

once-upon-a-time-logo1Knock, knock.

The knock was louder than Y would have liked, but her excitement was oozing from her pores. Finally, after all of this time, she'd be spending a day with Doctor Frederick Scott, a scientist—biologist, to be exact—whom she'd revered for years. Dr. Scott's research captivated her; the sound logic, the fantastical notions, the outstanding approach. Dr. Scott was, without a doubt, an expert at his craft, and Y felt as though she was blessed for getting the opportunity of meeting him.

'Blessed?' She pondered, Is 'blessed' even a scientific word? Probably not, she concluded.

Knock, knock.

She thumped once more since she'd not heard anything the first time around. A rustling noise caught her attention, and she posed herself for the impending opening of the door.

Who will it be? She wondered, Will it be him?

The door flew open, and there was no one there. However, when Y glanced down in disappointment she saw the tip of someone's shoe holding the door open. From behind the door she heard, "Come in, come in! Sorry, can't let this go right now."

She squealed secretly then sauntered inside. Once Y'd made it in through the threshold, the same foot that was holding the door open, pushed it shut. The door made a loud slamming sound causing Y to flinch. Behind the door, sitting on an office chair with wheels, was Dr. Scott. Y's stomach twisted with excitement; butterflies and all that.

Pushing his wheeled chair forward, Dr. Scott extended his hand and greeted Y. "So, you must be Y. Correa. Nice to meet you. Please pardon my ..." he looked around the room and his eyes fluttered as he contemplated the proper word to finish the sentence, "condition. Just been a bit extra busy as of late."

"Not! A! Problem!" Y, extended her hand to take his but couldn't stop herself from shaking.

EEK! She thought.

"So, did you bring a lab coat?" Dr. Scott asked, readying for the busy day ahead.

"Um, oops." Y replied, her cheeks taking on a similar hue to Dr. Scott's skin.

"Oh, I see. Well, good news. Not to worry, I have an extra one right here. Although, it might be a bit long." He blinked, then stood, "How tall are  you?"

"Five feet, zero inches." She responded with glee, a pride in that fact which made no sense whatsoever.

"Oh, wow. Then it'll definitely be a bit long." Dr. Scott said as he pulled off the coat that was on a hook next to his work desk. "You're going to have to roll up the sleeves."

"Pfff! I'm an expert at that!" Y retorted, instantly realizing the foolishness of her reply then tried to correct it, floundering and stuttering as she did. "I mean- um- it's that- what I'm saying is that I have to hem or cuff all of my clothes." then she smiled awkwardly and shrugged her shoulders.

Dr. Scott giggled. Patting her on the back, once she'd pulled on the coat, Dr. Scott invited Y to a work desk which was covered in all sorts of gadgets and scientific apparatuses. Y's eye sparkled with elation.

"Do you see this here?" Dr. Scott pointed to a beaker filled with a gelatinous substance.

"Mhm, sure do. What is it?"

Y reached for it without permission but before she could touch it Dr. Scott blurted, "Don't touch it!" causing Y to stop short.

"Um ... oops, again." Y said, then a weary look crossed her face.

How many times am I gonna mess this up?

"No, no, I'm sorry for yelling. It's just that that substance is highly delicate. It's the future." the last two words were said with an emphasis that made Y's hair crawl, in a good way.

"Okie doke! Won't touch it, promise."

"Good," Dr. Scott said with a smile, "So, this here is, as I said, the future. The future of humanity here on Earth 8-8-2. He will save us all."

"Dude, I'm so glad I'm not an 8-8-2 Earthling. Earth 1 has problems, but dayum ...!" After Y said that, she slapped her hands over her mouth with regret. Poking her mouth out for a split second, she finished. "Sorry."

"It's quite alright, Y. You're right, actually. It's a mess here. Earth 1, is better off for sure."

Man, he's so nice! Why can't I meet more men like him?

Y meditated on it for a moment when she was interrupted by Dr. Scott. "Y, here, come with me. I'll show you around the place. I hear that you're a huge science fanatic. Oh, and I hear that you write Sci-Fi as well. Anything I've heard of."

"You have no idea ...!" said Y in a saucy tone.

"Oh?" Dr. Scott shrugged his shoulders then led her to various parts of the facility. Y marveled at the wonderment of it all. At times she found herself stupefied, other times speechless, other times still, awe stricken. This was everything she'd ever wanted and more. The entire tour, Dr. Scott explained many things in a sundry of ways. Y followed along perfectly, often asking questions just for conservation's sake.

God, I love his voice, she thought, sighed with admiration and a high degree of infatuation.  It seemed as though the more he spoke, the more she succumb to his irresistible nerdiness.

Before long, the day had wafted by in a marvelous, splendorous, mirage of happenstances. Fortuitous or preordained? Who cared? It didn't matter. All that mattered was that it was happening.

Every object, every experiment, every word, was a lesson learned for Y, and she delighted in it. The receptacles of her cerebrum being fulfilled by the vast amounts of intellect provided by Dr. Scott.

Y was apprehensive about leaving. She'd felt so at home, so comfortable that she had a hard time letting that go. Likewise, she longed to learn more, explore more. However, as things would have it, her time with the Doctor was coming to its end.

In the spur of the moment, Y interjected, "So, how about a hot dog?" asking Dr. Scott in the form of an invitation.

"A 'hot dog'?" he asked perplexed.

"Y'all don't eat hot dogs on Earth 8-8-2?"

"If you're referring to a cooked K9, then we indeed do not."

"Oh, no," she chuckled between words, "No, no, it's nothing like that. A hot dog is just a slang word that we use for a hot sausage. You know, the kind you put in a bun and cover in mustard ...?" Her final statement was more of a prompt than an actual question.

"Oh! Of course, yes, we call those 'wieners' here."

"We call 'em wieners too, but hot dog is a more common word," Y nodded, "So, do you?"

"Do I what?"

"Eat 'em?"

"Oh, yes. Yes, of course I do."

Y smiled large. "Great, then let's go get one."

"I'd love to. I'll pay. Mostly, because you don't have our currency."

"Shoot, I don't have any currency!" Y blurted, then laughed heartily at her own joke.

"You're funny, Y. Funny indeed." Dr. Scott smirked, then finished, "We should do this again some time soon."

"WOOT!" was Y's last comment before they trekked off to a nearby wiener stand.

bitmoji-1820355618So, that, my dear fan is the answer to your question.


Y :D <3

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