Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Q & A With Y. Correa

So, again I was asked something that I feel obliged to answer. However, today I'll try to take it a step further and give myself the small challenge of trying to execute what the question asks.

I was asked:

Out of all of my works which work would be the hardest to summarize in less than 100 words?


I would have to say that perhaps "MarcoAntonio & Amaryllis" is among the hardest to sum up in less than 100 words because it's a story full of layers and depth of character. But, I could be wrong and perhaps it is easily summarized in less that 100 words. Who knows?

If I were to give a full synopsis of the story it would be about 300-500 words at the least. However, in the effort to see if I can sum it up in less than 100 words, I will just have to try.


I suppose, the best method of going about this would be to provide the most pertinent highlights of the story as opposed to the entire synopsis.

So ... here we go.

During the year 1585 in the midst of the Anglo-Spanish War, England invaded Spain for crops, land and supplies. A war had started. Land against land and people against people. Hatred and intolerance were a way of life. 

MarcoAntonio is a Spanish gentleman—a knight. Amaryllis, an English lady. Prohibited from being together. A taboo romance a star-crossed love affair. Interracial love affair in the Middle Ages? Yes. That was exactly it. Though, their love was not allowed, they loved each other regardless.

In the midst of troubles the likes of which have no compare MarcoAntonio and Amaryllis find themselves having to fight the most unexpected of adversaries ... Mother Haydie.

Mother Haydie is an ancient deity, a goddess set on reincarnation and ultimate power. She will stop at nothing to fulfill her prophecy. With her sisterhood of dedicated followers, how can the world possibly stand a chance?

MarcoAntonio finds himself having to team up with his brother, Damian and a young Gypsy man named Rye.

Whilst Amaryllis is fighting for her body, MarcoAntonio is fighting for her soul. Their need for each other conquers even the worst of adversities—the combination for a great and powerful love story!

Love is indeed, the result of all things conquered.


Well, the above synopsis is 208 words. So, as I suspected, it cannot be summed up in less that 100 words. LOL. :P :D

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