Monday, September 21, 2015

A Deeper Look into "Alan, Fay & Demona"

Recently I had a sit down with Author Synful Desire and asked her about her upcoming work "Alan, Fay & Demona: Preludes to Prism 1". Here is what I asked her, and what she had to say.


I asked Ms. Desire:

In a world that doesn't always appreciate a prelude, as some think that it's the author's way of juicing the story for what it is worth, did you feel like in your specific situation a prelude was necessary? If so, please tell us why.


Miss Y, thanks for your wonderful inquiry. I must be perfectly honest with you—this is the first time I’ve heard that some people think of a prelude as “juicing the story for what it is worth”. Perhaps I can invite you on my blog to expand on this subject.

The first book in the Convoluted Prism collection, entitled Convoluted Prism, begins when my character is in her early twenties and is getting admitted into the Program. The Program’s purpose is to rehabilitate those who have homosexual proclivities, financially backed by religious and conservative people who are firm believers in “praying away the gay”.

Convoluted Prism is told via two people. One is by the character getting admitted. The other is by the psychologist assigned to “treat” her. With the first book being conveyed in this fashion, it doesn’t leave a whole lot of room to expand beyond what is talked about during her sessions with the doctor.

For some readers, this may result in a few questions they would like answered. The accompanying preludes, which are named “Preludes of Prism”, will serve to answer some of those questions—providing backdrop without disrupting the flow or taking away from the core conflict of each book of the Convoluted Prism collection.

No, that’s not a typo; there will be multiple preludes. However, not all of the preludes will correspond with one book.

For the very first prelude, “Alan, Fay and Demona” I thought it was important to explore the origins under which the main character of Convoluted Prism comes into being.

Is it necessary, per se? I don’t think necessary is the right word. What I do believe is that the entirety of Convoluted Prism would be served a tad of injustice if certain layers are not provided. I just have to hold my breath that others will see this too.

Thanks for having me.


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