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C. Desert Rose



A dull roar, that's all I could hear. Souls, that's all I could see... So many people. Some good. Some bad. Some breathing. Some barely breathing. All souls. It was funny what you could see when you stood in the middle of the Emergency Room. Who survived. Who didn’t. All of them, every one, a soul. A soul for the taking.
So begins your introduction to the floating, clustered world of souls that will have such influence on Sophia, the young Puerto Rican-American girl who has just lost her closest ally, her grandmother, "Abuela". It is just after the funeral, at the cemetery, where Sophia meets the tall, almost angelic man who will play the most unexpected role in her life.
A love story. A fantasy. An adventure. If Death Should Love Me tells a tale of “fate” far beyond the normal meaning of that little four letter word. How else would you explain why Sophia wonders what would happen If Death Should Love Me?


A Little bit about the Author, in her own words:

Thrive and rise everyone!

"Happiness is subjective!"

My name is C. Desert Rose (I keep my first name abbreviated because it isn't pretty). Well, I am a Youth and Young Adult novelist with an affinity for all things paranormal. My upcoming collection the "Fate's Endeavor Series" explores the realms of angels and demons and twists it up with love and loss.

My stories are meant to make you laugh, cry, get angry and get happy. I aim to make you exhausted-in a good way-by the time you've finished the last page.

My first novel "If Death Should Love Me", Book One of the Fate's Endeavor Series will be released October 2014 and represented by All Authors Publishing House. The next novel in the series, Demoness Enchanted will come everyone's way the following year.


The Highest Ground
Spirit Realm
200 A.D.

"It would seem that it is once again time to choose the next Angel of Death. Have you made a decision on my proposal yet Majesties?" Gabriel's voice was calm, yet anxiety hid behind his words.
"Yes, we have." The function of acting as a unit defined them. Therefore, they thought as one, acted as one and spoke as one. This, was their true nature.
"Fantastic. So what be your choice?"
"You are not yet prepared Gabriel." Responded Alpha, peaceful was his comportment.
"What?" Shock transfixed him, "Why? I have served you faithfully since the beginning of time." Silent anger, tempered remorse filled him. "What is it about these humans that you must grant them their hearts' desires? You allow them freedom of will, yet they walk all over you. Even still, you bestow unmerited privileges upon them!" His voice began to slowly rise with the passion of his conviction, then he subdued it once more, attempting to control his internal commotion. "I deserve this much more than any of them." He pivoted on his heels, pacing with conjecture. "None of them deserve anything." he concluded.
"We have found him, the chosen one Gabriel. It is our assurance that he shall serve us well. 'Tis his calling and fate." Proclaimed decision in their tone.
"Oh. I see." He proceeded. "Whom, if I may ask?"
"He is called Amari. Go fetch him. His time has come. Tell him what his destiny requires of him."
"Amari. Well," having repeated the name with a twist of his lip, he continued, inward anger stirring, "as you wish Majesties."
Watching as he walked away, Alpha's thoughts intertwined with Omega's. "It seems that Gabriel is not very pleased with our decision," to which they both agreed, "We fear that things will be difficult for Azriel. We must keep watch."


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