Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Continuous Drips

All right, I realize that I'm gushing over this book, and I am. But it's probably because I've had such bad reading experiences as of late, that when I was asked to ARC read Continuous Drips by The Collective, I was highly impressed.


So, "What exactly is Continuous Drips?" you ask? It is a short story anthology comprised of 3 authors, each telling 3 short stories.

Here is the blurb per Amazon:

Explore the variations of ink that spill in this short story collective, Continuous Drips.

By Da'Kharta Rising:
See change in present voice which leads to "Unrest". Peek at different perceptions of love and loss with "Omitted". Then find out what an author does when his characters threaten to rewrite an old story in "The Kutters."

By Synful Desire:
Korey is certain Cadence is the one but can happily ever after come to fruition in "Derailed Endurance"? Dating wise, Linda is on the right track but must stay on course in "Final Prep to Happiness." Yearning, strip teasing and secrets compose a strange melody while in "FAN-tasy Island".

By Queen of Spades:
A visit to the fortune teller shifts more lives than one and the end result is nothing short of "Misfortune". Pyruva doesn't only start her first day of school but her first experience with all things unfamiliar in "Afro Shock". There's a tough economy out there and everyone is vying to stay employed, as well as win the new CEO's favor. Friday decides the fate for those working in Útil.

In my perspective Continuous Drips is an eclectic mix of entertaining, fun and provocative short stories. My most favorite thing about it was that each author represented herself very well in their stories. I could see their individual style, and I loved it. This anthology has something, I think, for everyone.

There is Da'Kharta Rishng's dark yet enthralling stories, my particular favorite was The Kutters. Mostly because as a writer/author I could relate to it.


Then there was Synful Desire's seductive yet somewhat chipper and captivating writing style. She's so down to earth in her writing, yet she can make the readers laugh, cry or become raptured. Love it! My personal favorite in her collection was Derailed Endurance. It made swimming sound sexy. Gotta love it.


And lastly there was Queen of Spades. Now here is what I admire the most about Queen... she started off as a poet. Anyone who has transitioned from one genre to another can tell you how hard it can be, unless he/she is naturally multi-genre. The biggest feat to overcome is going from poetry to stories, yet upon reading Queen's short stories you couldn't even tell. It seemed like she was an old pro at story telling. Just a marvelous job. While I adored all of her short stories, I have got to admit that Util was my very favorite. I think it's the message behind the story. Very powerful and compelling stuff.


All in all, I would say that Continuous Drips is a book that you can keep on reading. Something that you can set on your nightstand and pick up whenever you're in the mood for a quick yet great read. These ladies won't let you down.

I highly recommend that you give Continuous Drips a try.


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