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More about "Genesis Ellipse..."

So, here is the thing...boring-dog-reading-book

Sometimes we just get exhausted of reading about the atypical "good and bad" guys in books. There seems to be an overabundance of stories which paint a clear picture of the hero and the villain. Not that that's a bad thing, but sometimes it can get old.

Sometimes, we just want a change from the same old, same old. I mean, it'Teen-Questionings not to say that being clear about the good and the evil is a bad thing. But, what if the lines were blurred? What if trying to decipher who was really against you could not be distinguished with the pointing of a finger? What if the villain was not a person, place or thing, but an intangible force that you could not control? WHAT IF you were fighting against destiny... no! Against time?


That was the thought process that brought me to the idea of Genesis Ellipse.... It was the idea that not only did man not have control over their own lives, but they had no control over time and what time could do.

Then came the idea that lead to the first two lines of the story:

"When do you know when you've met your soulmate? 'When' being the operative word."

The idea fascinated me. I wondered, what could happen if two completely different people, from two very different times, were indeed soulmates. How could they ever meet each other? More than that, how could they ever be together?

It would be absolutely impossible! Unless...


By this point the gears with ticking. SO MANY possibilities! SO MANY plausible, potential, albeit partially unbelievable scenarios!


What if it's been this way since the beginning of time and time itself was out to get them? Wait! Whaaaat?

And so began the inner dialogue with myself.


'Beginning of time', you say? As in Adam and Eve? :/

Why yes! Exactly that. :)

So what would you, pray tell, do with such a story? :o

Reincarnation of course! :D

Reincarnation you say? By Jove, I think you are on to something here. ;)

Indeed! On to something, indeed...! :D


By this point I could barely contain myself with the inspiration to write something marvelous. Something that would blur the lines, yet demonstrate strength.


Something.... GREAT!

While I knew that it would be a task and a half to achieve, I was up for the challenge. Then, with that thought, came the Prologue to my current Work In Progress.


Excerpt of

Genesis Ellipse...

by Y. Correa

Copyright Y. Correa



Tranquility. Peace incarnate. Serenity and docility—all married together in the form the flawless absolution of the timber filled pasture in which they basked. Paragon was the transcendental plenitude of the vastness of valleys and plains which surrounded them. Beauty beyond compare were the fields of green that covered the expanse which enveloped the symphony of perfection that was this place.

The heavens alone shown with an aurora of exquisite lights and the sun beamed through them like an icon which represented The Creator Himself.

Perfect, were their surroundings. Untarnished, their lives. This, was precisely what the Great Artist had intended.


Ish and Isha. In the years to come the legend that was their story would give birth to the many names that defined them...

Adam and Eve, husband and wife, male and female, earth and strength, life and softness—every name, a separate facet of who they were and what they represented. The one made to complement the other; meant to complete each other. Such, had the The Holy Architect made them and such was their nature. Made from the flesh of one another, they knew not how to live the one without the other.

As bare and exposed, naked and vulnerable, as all the animals that grazed the forest yet they were none the wiser. This, was their nature, the way they'd been created. Why should they question it? Flawlessness they were, and immaculate was their abode. All of this given to them by the Highest of High. A gift to them merely because He'd created them.


Legend tells us that upon their fall from grace, they'd been condemned to live a life without perfection and the All Merciful's presence. Doomed to carry on in this void, extensive, dry earth, while fighting to survive.

Yet they'd done it. They'd survived. They'd bore children and descendant, and eventually their seed inhabited the earth. Then at an old age, they died in peace.


But, what really happened?


Genesis Ellipse... is turning out to be that one story that I cannot get away from. Even while I'm writing on other things, I always come back to this.

And, I've decided. I will finish it! Soon.

Toodles my loves,


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