Monday, January 4, 2021

Blog Tour Day 2

I know you're there!


I’m just kidding! Hello, everyone. C. Desert Rose here; just stopping by to say hello and share the 411 on my “Concordant Vibrancy” adventure throughout the year.

Going into this blog tour I was asked these questions.

What prompted you to be a part of the Concordant Vibrancy concept?

Which Concordant Vibrancy books are you featured in?

Why did you choose a certain attribute as your answer to CV5's theme question?

Honestly, where do I begin?
How can one fully encompass and quantify the value of the above questions without potentially leaving something out? It seems difficult but I will do my best.

I’m going to try to answer all of these questions at once, albeit, potentially not in order.

I, gratefully, have been in all of the Concordant Vibrancy books. In Unity, I wrote a story called “Her A to Z”. In Vitality, I wrote an essay called “An Ocean of  Questions”. For Lustrate I wrote a comedy called “The Boo Thang Convention” and in Inferno, I pitched in with “Calliope's Inferno”.

Now, for Extancy, I’ve brought another essay. This one is called “Frequencies Towards Illumination”.
Each one of these stories means a great deal to me in their independent ways.

I came to join the Concordant Vibrancy project when my publisher, All Authors Publishing House, asked if I would like to be a part of it. We were being offered a compensation of sorts for being a House author. I was thrilled when I was first invited, but also rather nervous. Mostly because I knew that I would be joining a collection of phenomenal writers and I wasn’t sure that I could compare to their talent.

My very first entry, “Her A to Z” was written with great trepidation as I fully expected it to be rejected. But, to my great surprise,  it wasn’t. All these years later, here I am, having participated in the entire collection.

Solely speaking on “Extancy”, at first I chose “Self-Love” as my theme question word. But upon further scrutiny and feedback from the publishers, we settled upon “Awareness” which seemed to be a better-suited interpretation.

Why “Awareness”? Well, in the simplest of terms, because awareness is true life … but I won’t get too much into that because then you won’t read my essay. LOL

Thanks for having me!

Following is an excerpt poster. Enjoy!

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