Thursday, June 18, 2020

Journal Entry: June 18th, 2020

I woke up this morning with a very powerful thought in my mind.

"No one is just one thing."

I was going to post those words on Facebook, but after having a very interesting discussion with the bestie I decided that a journal entry would be better suited. Mostly because I can then elaborate on the thought.

We are living in highly disconcerting times. Too much is happening around the globe and lines that were previously drawn are now being stomped on.

I am not here to discuss politics or current news. Rather, I am here to talk about the human condition and the elements that makes the above statement an irrevocable truth.

If you're up to taking this ride with me, hop on the train of thought.

In recent days I've talked about my desire to be in a good, fruitful and lasting relationship. However, I am facing certain elements that make me believe that this will never happen.
Trust me when I tell you that all of this runs together. It's an eternal cycle.

First let's start with the statement above.

"No one is just one thing."

Allow me to elaborate.

Far too many people believe that one factual statement of themselves describes the entirety of themselves. I've heard so many people say things like ...

"I have a bad temper because I am Italian."
"I speak loudly because I am Hispanic."
"I like fried chicken because I am Black."
"I act flamboyant because I am gay."
"I am a butch because I am a lesbian."

In my opinion these types of statements are narrow-minded. Not to mention inaccurate, prejudice, and radical.
It take an expansively-minded person to see what I am saying.
Bear with me here for a minute.
I'll make myself an example. Here are several facts about myself and how I identify as a person:

I am Afro-Latina.
I am a Heterosexual-Sapiosexual.
I am independent.
I am intelligent.
I am short or statue.
I am spiritual.

I am all of these things. Furthermore, being me, I cannot be just one of these things without embodying the rest.
Some of these elements of myself were encrypted in my DNA at conception, others were formulated and molded through time. But everyone of them explains my personality/characteristics.
Being a woman of color and my sexuality, stature, gifts and mental functionality were things that were preordained. They just are because I am. Simple as that.
However, my emotional-maturity, view of the world, independence and spirituality were created through time, trail and error. They do not make me any more or less myself.
The whole of these descriptions encompasses the whole of who I am.

If I so desired, I could just as easily say, "I have a bad temper because I'm Hispanic." Yet, in all actuality, a "bad temper", or the lack of temperamental control, is a choice. I can choose to react or not react, thus, this is not a trait of self but an option.

Now that that's out there, I'll address the larger scope of things.

In that Black Lives Matter movement there are a vast number of people stating that this movement only represents "Straight Black People". As per their belief, if you're LGBT and just happen to be black, this movement doesn't represent you.

Sorry, not sorry. That's bullshit. Plain and simple fuckery.

A person does not choose to be born black, neither do they choose to be LGBT or straight.

Fundamentally etched into the chromosomes of a zygote (if you don't know what this is, look it up) is an individual's race, creed, color and sexuality.

Therefore, how can just straight black lives matter? Just the notion alone is ludicrous. It's like saying that only heterosexual blacks are really black and every other sexuality of black is make-believing they are black.

Let's take this down to laymen terms ...

Saying that only heterosexual blacks are really black is like saying that smoked pork bacon is the only real bacon and cured pork bacon is pretending it's bacon. It's a contradiction, an asinine absurdity.


The problem is within the elemental composition of the human condition. This is more about our hearts than it is about our political preference or our religion.


To further complicate the matter is the shallowness of mind—the one dimensional ideology of the concept of humanity.

Let me put this in a way that you can understand.

All people want to feel fully and completely loved for exactly who they are. They want to feel accepted for every element that makes them, them. They don't want to have to hide any part of themselves and still feel uncompromising love and acceptance.
People don't want to be tolerated, they want to be received with open arms and minds.
Yet and still, these very same people do not have the developmental-emotional capacity to accept others in the same fashion. This frame of mind is a byproduct of the inability to see past the surface and into the soul.
These people can only see one thing in others, whatever that one thing is.
This mindset is paradoxical and toxic, yet these people are blind to it. They simply cannot see past the ambiguity.

But, the fact of the matter is that this paradoxical mindset is more the norm than the exception.

Until humanity can see that no one is just one thing, they'll never be able to give themselves or others unconditional love and acceptance.

Now, as this pertains to me and my love life ...

Until such a man exists who can see that I am so much more than just ONE THING I may very well be single forever.

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