Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Da'Kharta Drop In: Take 1

Hey yo! What's sizzling? As for me, this bacon that I have frying on the stove. Well, Y didn't say I couldn't cook myself some dinner while discussing my next, and newest, freebie "Apocawhat?"

Apocawho? 😕

No, "Apocawhat?", not who ... and definitely not whom. 😏

Sorry, just having a bit of fun with words there.😈

For those of you who don't know, I have a very twisted sense of humor. During the time of this posting, a very serious pandemic has hit the world. However, just because of this, doesn't mean that the best and the brightest engage as far as what to do in said situation. 

This was the inspiration behind "Apocawhat?"

A crisis can bring out the best and worst in humanity. A person you wouldn't talk to on the street could be your greatest ally. One you thought you were on par with could turn into your biggest enemy. In times of struggle, you encounter extremes: "helping one is helping all" vs. "survival of the fittest".

See which one plays out.

Read it on my website or the Freebie section of All Authors Publishing House.

And I'm outta here!