Tuesday, May 26, 2020

"A.L.O.M Episode 3: Underearth" Release

Hey, y'all.

Hope you're all doing well.

Okay, okay. I'm gonna keep it real.
I procrastinated way too long to finish this chapter in the A.L.O.M. adventure. I know.
Considering that I wrote the very first story in 2014, I should be ashamed of myself for waiting 6 years to write the 3rd part. The worst of it all is that it's a short story! Shame on me! For shame, Y. Correa! For shame!

Okay, now that I have beaten myself with a stick for tarrying on this release ...

It was the year 2014, midsummer.
Lying in her bed was a lowly author who was binge watching Ancient Aliens on Hulu. This was one of her favorite things to do next to binge watching Doctor Who on Netflix.
There she was, munching on popcorn whilst the she lay; the popcorn bowl sitting on her chest. Periodically a kernel would fall in to unmentionable places. She cared not to fish it out. She could save those for later should she get a hankering for a treat.
Soon, her eyelids fluttered with drowsiness, the popcorn bowl teetering, threatening to fall over completely. As she dozed, she heard the prominent voice of the Ancient Aliens narrator as it proclaimed, "Ancient aliens theorists say yes ...!" In that instant her Muse simultaneously tapped her on the shoulders and whispered in her ear, "What if ancient aliens were actually time travelers from the future?"
Raptured with inspiration—and actually quite startled because the lowly author thought she was alone in the room—she jumped to a seated position, a single digit in the air as the epiphany came alive. The popcorn bowl went flying to who knows where.
"Yes!" she trumpeted, "Yes, yes and yessss! That's a phenomenal idea!"
Her parents who were in the other room yelled at her to keep it down.
Cowering, "Oops" she muttered. Shrugging it off she got up, turned on her computer and pecked away at the obnoxiously loud keyboard.
And so it was that "A.L.O.M." the short story saga began.


The year is 2130. Long gone are the days of high definition television and rock and roll. Mankind has entered the greatest age of technology. Vlad Kappel is a man of few words and even fewer desires, one of them being a dream to pilot the world's first time machine which he has helped to invent and build. A fan of the eons old television show Ancient Aliens, Vlad has always been intrigued by the ideas of time and space travel. When he is suddenly and unexpectedly given the opportunity to live out his secret dream the results are astounding ... and none too coincidental.


Vlad’s travel aspirations should have been a dream come true. Yet the reality of his scholars’ teachings concerning the ancients is quite sobering. A.L.O.M. is in need of dire repair and lack of technology, industrial science and language barrier prove hefty challenges for Vlad. Will he gain cooperation from the ancients to save him from this travesty or will the final destination remain Stranded?

And now, without further ado, it is my pleasure to introduce you to "A.L.O.M. Episode 3: Underearth".


At this point in his adventure Vlad wants nothing more than to get back home. However, with the advanced technology with which the A.L.O.M. was created, Vlad realizes that he is in a pickle. In order to make the A.L.O.M. run he needs fuel. Not just any fuel. Lava.
With the help of the princess Vlad endeavors to seek exactly that. It is this enterprise that leads him Underearth.

Today and everyday you can read the first three books of the ongoing A.L.O.M. collection for free by visiting the link below. Enjoy!

And ...