Saturday, April 18, 2020

All About Earth 8-8-2, The Planet

The imagination is a powerful thing. Like for real, for real.
Whether you’re a painter, a sketcher, a musician or an artist of any kind, the imagination is what makes the wheels of that engine roar. And any artist will tell you, roar they must. One can’t be still until the art is purged from your system and made tangible. Believe me, it’s a thing. Every artist has his/her process. For me the process varies contingent on the story.
In this, Earth 8-8-2 was no different. 
World creating, in this case was imperative. I had to make a world that was feasible, somewhat factual, fanciful and believable. Not easy when you’re writing a science fiction story of any kind, let alone a sci-fi mashup.
That’s when the premise of Earth 8-8-2 was born.
Let me extract a small excerpt from book one so that you have a better understanding of how the foundation of Earth 8-8-2 was established. The excerpt will speak for itself.

Earth 8-8-2 was the 882nd earth discovered by the scientists that ascertained alternate universes. One thousand had been found to date. The Multiverse Theory had been proven and finally accepted by most earths.
Whilst there were some earths that refused to accept the findings, nothing could be done about them. Those earths would stamp and seal their individual fates. Moreover, they would remain
banal. Nothing is more upsetting than those who chose to remain ignorant. Yet, that was an entirely different matter than the problem at hand.
What scientists proved was the theory which implies our universe is not alone, that there are many universes existing parallel to each other, was correct. Each distinct universe within the
Multiverse Theory were called parallel universes—this thesis was distantly derived from String Theory and The Theory of Everything, which were the fundamental beliefs that implied that
all things are connected. There had been a variety of different conjectures that lent themselves to a multiverse viewpoint, however, one remained solid; there were more earths, universes and living beings that spread out to an innumerable amount of macrocosms. More than could be counted.
Each group of people from their own respective earth was referred to as their earth's number and the term 'Earthling'. In Dr. Scott's case, he was an 8-8-2 Earthling.

Alright, now that you can see how the theory was laced together in order to form a believable, feasible, and somewhat scientifically accurate foundation let’s talk about Earth 8-8-2 itself.
Today I’ll address the following questions.
  1. What is the makeup, climate and characteristic weather like on Earth 8-8-2?
  2. What do the people look like and/or what are they?
  3. Why is the planet terrorized and by whom?
  4. How is this relevant to the storyline?
Let’s begin.

What is the makeup, climate and characteristic weather like on Earth 8-8-2?

Imagine for a moment, if you will, a desert land. A dry place where life is scant. A planet where life has to fight to survive. Imagine a sort of Venus plus Earth situation and you’ll have a better understanding of what Earth 8-8-2 is like.

On the other end of that, Earth 8-8-2 is also an exceedingly scientifically progressive place when science rules and religion is nonexistent. Their systemic, cutting edge civilization whose methods are unparalleled.

In a nutshell, Earth 8-8-2 is …
Dry, torrid, nearly barren, hard to find sustenance, highly technological, incredibly advanced, dystopia where humans strive but just barely survive.

What do the people look like and/or what are they?

Are you a person with light skin and have you ever been out in the sun for too long? If so, you know exactly what happens …


Now imagine for a second, if you can, a civilization that through millions of years of evolution have adapted to the calefaction and viscosity of a planet summerced in desiccation. What would that person look like? Well, the answer that most makes sense is red. That person would have evolved to a point where their skin is made up of a thick, cardinal sheath. Where the dermis is twice as thick as ours and the epidermis can absorb temperatures well into the 100s. This, of course, would resonate throughout their entire makeup. It would cause them to have darker eyes so as to absorb the brighter daylight and adjust to the darker night. It would also tinge their hair follicles in a similar coloring so that the hair would not burn in the sunlight.
Long story short, Earth 8-8-2 Earthlings are red. Other than that, they’re basically exactly like us—just human. They have feelings, thoughts, likes, dislikes and all that other good stuff.

Why is the planet terrorized and by whom?

Terrorists can be found anywhere. Even on Earth 8-8-2. Put yourself in the mind of being in the Democratic Republic of Congo for a moment.

Imagine if possible all of the people who are tortured, abused, tormented and killed daily just because of a difference in opinion.
This too was the case on Earth 8-8-2, only on a global scale. It seems to me that the smarter some people are, the more they think they have the right to rule over everything and everyone. On a planet where the average IQ is well over 120, you’re going to be confronted by myriad individuals who think they can do a better job at governing things. So they try to take it by force. Hence the birth of the tyrants on Earth 8-8-2. The counterbalance to which is The Rebellion which is comprised of several branches of the military, some scientists and the like.

How is this relevant to the storyline?

Long story short, in order for there to be reason for drastic forward movement in the story there must first be a driving force with the conflict. What better force than a world at odds? None that I can think of.

After all, there had to be a reason for intragalactic earthlings to scavenge the multiverse for the DNAs that could be combined to create the ultimate creation.

So there you have it folks, all about Earth 8-8-2. Chat with you again tomorrow.