Sunday, November 26, 2017

Saying "Bye Felicia!" to WordPress

Okay ... so ...
Here is the deal.

Maybe it's just me, but I have noticed a substantial increase in what WordPress will "no longer" do for free. And, in my own opinion, it's too damn much. I mean, if I wanted to PAY for EVERYTHING, than I would have gone with WordPress.ORG and not the free version of WordPress.
Funny enough, I think I have come full circle. Here is why:
I first started my writing/blogging venture utilizing Blogger but down the line opted to start using WordPress because it was "what was in". Plus, at that time, WordPress offered a lot of options that Blogger didn't and that included a wider range of readers.
Now though, simply put ...

And it's making me feel like that are trying to take advantage of the little people. Those struggling writers that can't even afford a gallon of milk but would be willing to make a sacrifice just to obtain some sort of exposure. 
Nope! Not this chick!

I'm sure it has something to do with the growing popularity of WordPress, but still. Why are you now charging double digits, somethings triple, for things you provided for free just a year ago. Come the hell on, WordPress. I ain't no sucker.
Writers--unless their book has become a movie--are not rich. Shit, I sure as hell am not!
So ... with that said, here I am once more with Blogger. Good old, dependable Google. Simple to use and, guess what? YEP, you guessed it ... STILL FREE.
Unless of course you want to purchase a custom URL, which you'd have to pay for. But, that is something that is actually worth the money as well as reasonable.

At any rate, this is a PSA for all followers of Author Y. Correa (that's me):


So with that in mind, please, by all means, follow me on here!

Thanks, y'all!

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