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Its a Fate's Endeavor Blog Tour

DE.BT.BannerHey there y'all!

So, today I am helping spread the word about "Demoness Enchanted" by C. Desert Rose. In the attempt to help out, I asked Rose to tell me a bit about the history of the story. That is to say, how it came about.

Here is what we discussed.

red_page_divider_by_cougar28-d4vppotWhat was your inspiration behind the Fate's Endeavor Series and how that led into the creation of "Demoness Enchanted"?

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roseThe Fate's Endeavor Series was inspired by the desire to read a book that I couldn't find. So, I wrote it.

I'll explain. When I started writing the Fate's Endeavor Series, "Twilight" was all the rage. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a Twilight Hater by any means, I actually enjoyed that series. However, immediately after reading that collection I was eager to find something that dealt with angels and demons but was also fused with romance, multicultural aspects and rich mythology. It seemed like I could always find one at a time, but never all together, which is what I really wanted.

So, what did I do? Pick up Twilight again. Then one day, upon completing the entire saga again, I was in need of a nap. I laid down, and while I was in that "half asleep, half awake" stage, the opening scene of the Fate's Endeavor collection came to me.

By all accounts, THAT was the story that I was yearning to read. So, I wrote it instead.

One night, when I was at about the halfway point of writing "If Death Should Love Me", I had a dream. My dream was Zita. It was then that "Demoness Enchanted" came to life. Each story in the series has come about in a similar fashion.



“I propose that we form an alliance. We have a mutual problem that needs fixing. I believe that our work together would be beneficial for both parties involved.” Tievel’s words were as poisonous as any venom, yet the smoothness therein was highly persuading. This was his nature—toxicity absolute. Tievel was a brainwashing and deceiving creature, and he did it well, “What say you to my proposition, Uriel?”

Uriel was no fool. He was as old and astute as time itself, yet time had no effect on him. Uriel had fought alongside the likes of Gabriel and Michael, a deity of massive virtue, clout and wisdom. Uriel was The Bearer of Light, Fire and Wisdom. Not remotely the simpleton that Tievel suggested he was.

Uriel was ravishing! All muscle, hair the color of the sun and fire which fell to his shoulders in spirals. A chiseled and strong face that made him look like an ancient Greece sculpture. Well-kempt facial hair. Ruby red eyes, strong and fiery, which resembled a comet entering the atmosphere. He dressed in robes and jewelry, most of which were purple, red and gold.

Uriel was a reactionary, only speaking when completely necessary and when he did speak, his words surged with power.

Uriel considered the proposal, then finally gave his answer. “Yes.” His voice, tenor and authoritative.

“Well, that is grand. Quite the news it is indeed.” Tievel replied, “Shall we expedite our plan, then?”

“First, tell me why.”

Tievel responded, “Some years ago, my only son fell in love … with a human. As you know, this is not licit for our kind. This ‘love’ produced a child. She is not like our kind. She in neither human nor preternatural. She is something else entirely; a creature! An abomination!” Unwillingly, Tievel’s lips twitched and his voice rose with the last sentence. Tempering himself he went on “... One which can bring harm to mortals and immortals alike. This is why I ask for your allegiance. Our combined strengths are sure to end this threat. Do you understand?”

Uriel nodded. “What can she do?” he asked simply, not knowing for sure if she had abilities or anything of the sort.

“She can live among humans with no difficulty; blend in like a chameleon. She also bares the powers of my kind. Furthermore, in being half human it is hard to determine what she might truly be capable of. You know how chaotic these humans can be …!”

“Very well.”

“Now, shall we ...?” extending a hand, Tievel invited Uriel into the hall to look through his cauldron. Together, they walked through the doorway, side by side.

Suddenly, Uriel summoned his sword, and like a flash his fiery sword was pressed against Tievel’s throat, the blaze purposefully extinguishing in the instant it touched skin. “If you are lying to me Encantado, I will kill you.”

Slowly, Tievel lifted a hand to the sword and carefully moved it down. “I will assure you that this is nothing but the truth.”

In his quarters Tievel kept a speculum which reflected the goings on in other realms—a mystical cauldron. Momentarily, they were both looking into the magical cauldron.

red_page_divider_by_cougar28-d4vppotCool, well now that you have an idea of what "Demoness Enchanted" is all about, don't miss out on the upcoming release. It is due out on February 26th, 2016.


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