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Fate's Endeavor Blog Tour: Featuring C. Desert Rose

cooltext163634186820458Hello one and all.

In celebration of C. Desert Rose's impending book release, we, the members of All Authors are hosting a blog tour. One which will showcase different facets of Ms. Rose's collection.

Recently, I asked Ms. Rose to answer a question for me:


What was the your inspiration behind the Fate's Endeavor Series and how that led into the creation of "Demoness Enchanted"?


Mr. Rose replied as follows:

roseThe Fate's Endeavor Series was inspired by the desire to read a book that I couldn't find; so I wrote it.

I'll explain.

When I started writing the Fate's Endeavor Series, "Twilight" was all the rage. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a Twilight Hater by any means, I actually enjoyed that saga. However, immediately after reading that collection I was eager to find something that dealt with angels and demons but was also fused with romance, multicultural aspects and rich mythology. It seemed like I could only ever find were books that dealt with one at a time, but never all together, which is what I really wanted.

So, what did I do?

I picked up Twilight again and frowned.

Then one day, upon completing the entire saga again and in desperate need of a nap, I laid down, shut my eyes and wished I had the book I so desired. Soon, while I was in that "half asleep, half awake" stage, the opening scene of the Fate's Endeavor collection just came to me ... as cliche as that sounds.

By all accounts, THAT was the story that I was yearning to read and couldn't find. So, I wrote it instead.

Fast forward to several months later.

One night, when I was at about the halfway point of writing "If Death Should Love Me", I had a dream. My dream was about Zita. I was Zita. I felt every single thing. I was her. I'd never had a dream like the before. It was so powerful and so real. When I woke up, Zita (who was me), lingered in my mind's eye. It was then that "Demoness Enchanted" came to life.

So far each story in the series has come about in a similar fashion.

red_page_divider_by_cougar28-d4vppotTrust me guys, you don't want to miss the release of this book if you are a fan of New Adult/Young Adult Paranormal Romance. It's great. I should know, I've already read it. LOL

Coming February 26th, 2016!

DE Front CoverEnjoy an Excerpt:

Copyright 2016, C. Desert Rose
All Authors Publishing House

She was so beautiful.

So much more than words could ever explain. She looked like, spoke like, moved like ... an angel.

I just couldn’t explain, couldn’t describe it, shit, it didn’t even make any sense to me!

I didn’t know what was happening to me when it came to this girl. In some weird way I felt connected to her. I’d never felt like this for any girl before. If girls were always a mystery to me, and they were, Zita was the greatest of all.

The entire airplane ride home, I watched her, looking at every move, every breath.

Now we were about to land. Here things were different, crazy different and I wondered if she would adjust well.

A sudden rush of jealousy came over me as I thought of the guys here and how they’d look at her. They would be all over her.


Ah, who the hell was I kidding, I used to be one of those pigs. Now I was just a dimwit fascinated with a girl that I could probably never have and knew was completely out of my league.

Roman, you freaking idiot!


Just as we were about to land the airplane began to experience some turbulence. But it was weird though because instead of shaking, the plane sort of jerked up and down. Then there was a loud clonk. Everyone seemed to notice the turbulence but not the sound, and none of them seemed the least bit concerned.

Well, no one but Zita and I. I knew because when I looked over at her, her eyes were enormous. They kind of look you get when you’re scared shitless. Me on the other hand, I gripped the armrests of my seat for dear life. Next thing I know Zita’s eyes fixed on the ceiling of the plane like she was trying to look for where the bang came from.

Okay, … is it me or did she also hear the thud also?

I looked up too.

I heard stomping. Like crazy weird stomping on top of a moving airplane!

Not possible!

Frantic I looked around, trying to see if anyone else, specifically someone who spoke English was hearing that too.

Nothing. No one.

“Um … Excuse me, Miss … Flight attendant…?” I asked, slowly losing control.

“Yes young man?” she stopped, with this subservient look on her face, like she wanted to give me a Coke so that I could shut the hell up.

“Um, did you hear that?” I stammered.

“What young man?” she looked detached when she asked that.

“Uh, um, you know what? Never mind.”

The stewardess moseyed off like it was none of her business that I was losing my mind.

Now I was even tenser than just a few seconds ago, so was Zita. I shot a look up at the ceiling as the stomping grew louder, closer.

red_page_divider_by_cougar28-d4vppotThanks for stopping by and please help me spread the word about "Demoness Enchanted" by C. Desert Rose.

Later gator.

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