Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New Book Release


Title: Alan, Fay and Demona: Preludes of Prism 1
Author: Synful Desire
Publisher: All Authors Publishing House
Genre: Contemporary Fiction based on True Events
Release Date: November 17th, 2015


What happens when passion blinds reason? The ardent fire of desire meets the shocking and harsh blows of reality in this Prelude of Prism. The convoluted relationships of three individuals morph into a rainbow of disarray.




4:08 AM

It was that moment when it hit home. My life was to be forever altered. The realization poured over me, as wet as the bottom bedroom sheet became. I almost screamed, first believing it was done. However, when I discovered the substance was just water, my fright tapered off slightly.

The bag was already packed. The telephone numbers already on standby. Now for the tough part: waking up the man—no, young boy—responsible for this predicament.

“Alan wake up.” His response was a moan, the wrinkling of his nose and switching from lying on his back to on his side, away from me.

Agitated, I slapped his face. He bolted upright ready to retaliate but lowered his hand as soon as he realized it was me.

“Fay what the hell d’ya hit me for?” He slurred.

“We’ve gotta get to the hospital! My water broke.”

Alan sprung into action. He notified the hospital, trying not to show his panic as he loaded the prepped satchel into the car and guided me into the passenger’s seat.


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