Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lost Soul by Malika Gandhi

Book-3dA story of a spirit who has been alone for over a hundred years, who suffers her dead mother’s wrath. Will she ever be forgiven?

red_page_divider_by_cougar28-d4vppotWhen a Soul begins to ask questions, she expects answers.
Aanchal wanders the lonely haveli (Indian mansion) at night. The villagers become aware of a presence and fear a girl never seen in their midst.
Who is she and where did she come from? Who turns the lights on in the old ruin every night?

Aanchal is not afraid of the villagers who want her banished, but she is afraid of her mother's yearly visit from the Other Side. Aanchal wants to be forgiven but will she have to pay a price before she is granted her wish?

When Kunaal arrives with Jennifer, Aanchal sees the chance to right what went wrong, but she will need help. Will her friends help her? Will her mother's spirit forgive her? Will she finally be ready to cross over?

Lost Soul—a harrowing tale of expectations and long-awaited hope.

By Malika Gandhi

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