Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Drowning in excitement.

Yes, yes ... I realize that I am giddy.


These things happen. Particularly, (as an author) when you released a new work. I can't help it. But this time I am giddy two fold.


Well, because it was a double release. It wasn't just my work, but Da'Kharta Rising's as well.

Yeah, I'm certain lots of you saw the official "Double Book Release" post from yesterday. However, the enthusiasm continues. I'm sure it'll last for a bit. So bare with me and try not to throw a shoe at me. :D Lol

I wanted to give you all an excerpt of "Earth 8-8-2: The Genesis Project" today.

Here it goes ...




Earth 8-8-2: The Genesis Project

Copyright Y. Correa & All Authors Publishing House, 2015

Chapter 5

An anomalous claret of life churned. Like looking through an enlarged microscope, comatose plasma ignited with rage lurked within. Subdued by love, quelled by understanding, yet dormant wrath, it was. Of that, there was no denying.

Under the surface which was growing with expediency, there was something more. Something beyond words. Something truly incredible. “The next level of human evolution” was an understatement. This was, in all of its glory, a transcendent step into a new Godlike race. Yet, good battled against bad, right against wrong, and which would prevail was something incredibly hard to tell.

While superficially, Genesis was the ideal child and quintessential disciple, lying within her was a commodity whose value was beyond measure.

 1dzk1s Two Months Later


Something had happened in Genesis’ heart since the death of her beloved Mrs. Roswell Tucker. Something she did not understand, and didn’t quite know how to handle. She was distraught, and felt empty inside. Not even the fact that she was so ‘special’ made her as happy as it once did. All she was at this very moment was a motherless orphan that needed someone to talk to. Mrs. Roswell, as she called her, was the only person that she could talk to—the only person that knew and understood that beneath it all Genesis was a human being, a person. Mrs. Tucker was the only person that truly treated her as such.

Due to her loss, Genesis felt lost and alone. She needed her beloved Mrs. Roswell. She really, truly needed her.


“Genesis, I know that I’m not her, but I’m here if you want to talk.” offered Captain Thomas, gulping hard at the reference to Mrs. Tucker. Genesis nodded, her demeanor downcast. “I mean, I know that I can’t give you the things that she did. After all, I’m not a woman. As the matter of fact, I’m far from it. I know I have this whole ‘G.I.’ thing going on, but I am human. I have feelings. I just hope that they can help you.”

“Thanks Jiles.” replied Genesis cordially, albeit sadly.

“K.” responded Captain Thomas, then reached over to put his arm around her.

He mused, It’s amazing how human she is despite the fact that she’s anything but.

1dzk1s“Jiles, I don’t know what to do anymore. I have sincerely tried everything to make her happy, but she just isn’t the same. What do I do? How do I make things better?” Dr. Scott hurt for his daughter, for no matter how one spun it, metahuman or not, that was exactly what she was; his daughter.

Yes, she’d been a test-tube baby, if you will. True, she was also known as—as General Townsen so eloquently put it—Experiment Eight-eight-two-dash-five-point-o, but she was so, so much more. She was his child. Furthermore, as any father would want, more than anything, he wanted her happiness.

“I’m so sorry Dr. Scott,” replied the Captain. “Mrs. Tucker’s loss has hurt her quite a bit. The good thing is that she’s taken to talking to me much more than she used to. Of course, I don’t understand half of what she is saying. But, I guess, in the long run, that’s a good thing. Hey, maybe you should hire another female caretaker …?”

The idea struck the Doctor like a bolt of genius—inspired! Why hadn’t he thought of that? Of course! That was exactly what she needed! Another woman in her life, someone that she could talk to and that could relate to her. Dr. Scott felt like an unadulterated imbecile for not having thought of that before.


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