Thursday, February 12, 2015

Do I look like an ATM?!


I am sick and freaking tired of this new "Donate to Me" trend that lots of authors have adopted!


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So, for the second time this week, some random author has approached me and asked me to "donate" to their cause. One said something along the lines of needing to fund his next book, the other something about trying to raise money for cancer awareness.

I have 2 things to say about that:


Has fellow number one ever hear of CREATE SPACE?!


Does fellow number two realize the this world can't be anymore aware of cancer?!

Look, I'm not trying to be mean. I'm just being real. This has become a ridiculous trend and it only feeds into the myth that well known authors have money coming out of their asses. Look dude, I'm just as poor as you, IF NOT MORE! Yet, you don't see me running around asking for handouts, and expecting others to fund my work.

On the contrary, I work my ass of each and every day TO MAKE MONEY! And guess what? There isn't much making of said money!

Shit! Just because I do this, that and the third, that makes me JK-fucking-Rowling! Hello! How about, hell no!


I find this lame and lazy. I mean, there are so many platforms out there to get you published, and/or create awareness of something that does not involve taking money from people that are probably struggling more than you.

Because I'm American, that means that I'm laying my head on a goose-down pillow every freaking night, and eating filet-fucking-mignon every damn day?! Do you realize that most of us American's are struggling more than most people care to acknowledge? That being said, I have a hard time coming up with enough money every month just to keep my internet going. So, do I really look like I have all that extra money to throw around?


If there is anything that I've learned it's that hard work can and will pay, so why do some of these people want hand outs? Simple, because they are lazy. If you do research you will find that there is a surplus of resources out there that can help you make your book dream come true. All you have to do, is look. But, noooooo. They see a person like me who has several publications under her belt, a small company, and some random yet beneficial project in the works, and automatically I must smell like cash.


Look dudes, alls I'm saying is ...


No, I don't have the money to donate to your cause! So, stop asking!

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