Monday, January 5, 2015

Cover Reveal: Concordant Vibrancy

Cover Reveal


Today we are happy to present you with the cover of
"Concordant Vibrancy: Unity, An All Authors Anthology"


Before we show you the cover, lets tell you a little bit about Concordant Vibrancy.



All Authors Publishing House, a subsidiary of All Authors Publications & Promotions, is pleased to present its first short story anthology, Concordant Vibrancy.

Concordant Vibrancy represents the interweaving of unity and uniqueness through the eyes of eleven incredible writers. Through the array of genres, all of these talents share a phenomenal love of writing which aims to leave imprints in the reader's imagination.

Short stories in this collection:

"Butterfly Mask" by Nicola McDonagh

"Messarii's Blood Hunt" by D. John Watson

"Seven Days" by Harmony Kent

"Touch Me" by Andrea Houtsch

"... and we" by Adonis Mann

"Til Death Do Us Part" by A. Lopez, Jr.

"Coalesce" by Da'Kharta Rising

"Her A to Z" by C. Desert Rose

"Lester's Release" by Synful Desire

"The Authentic Snap" by Queen of Spades

"Alma's Unsung Angel" by Y. Correa




It was important to portray both the unification and individuality of each author as well as the theme of this anthology on its cover. In the introduction of Concordant Vibrancy, Y. Correa, the creator of All Authors P&P explains it this way, "... like leaves on a tree, we are all connected. Mother Earth, the best example of unity mankind has."

Without further ado, we present you with the cover of Concordant Vibrancy created by All Authors Graphic Design.

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