Saturday, December 13, 2014

"FREE vs NOT FREE" THAT is the question...


I've been sitting here wondering...

Do authors really WANT to pay for services that they can get for FREE or at discounted pricing?


You're probably wondering why I bring up this question. Let me assure you that it's for a very good reason.

I suppose that I should maybe start with a little bit of back-story.
Yeah... methinks, I shall.

Once upon a time

In a land far, far away called Florida, USA there lived a lowly and lonesome Indie Author whom had just published her first book--Inkwell was her name.
Inkwell felt all alone in a the vast internet universe. She felt lost and confused. "How will I ever get the world to notice my book when everything calls for money which I don't have? I wrote a book to make money, not spend it." she said to herself feeling as though the world was against her.
The more she researched, the more she noticed that (1) it seemed as if the Indie world was in a perpetual competition against each other. (2) everything called for money--lots of it. And (3) there was a huge need for a support system for those whom did not have the money or means. There was a big necessity for a place where authors such as herself could go.
Subsequently, Inkwell thought to herself "Well, if it doesn't exist, then I'll just make it." and so she ventured on the adventure of her life. She created that which she so desired. She made a support system for authors who really needed the help.
Yet it seemed that whilst she offered service after service of supportive programs FOR FREE to the writing public, authors with whom she'd connected would totally bypassed what she was offering and opted to go with the paying services. This made no sense to her. She was flabbergasted. "Does FREE equal low quality? Do people equate free with not good?" she thought. "That doesn't make any sense." she said aloud to herself, slapping her forehead with bewilderment.
In the end Inkwell found herself torn between two predicaments. (1) Maybe she should charge for what she's offering. Perhaps then authors will consider her programs. (2) Maybe she should shut it down altogether. If it's not being utilized, then why even offer it.


I am Inkwell.

I cannot, for the life of me, understand why authors opt to go with services for which they have to pay, when said services offer EXACTLY what All Authors does. Only, many times over, All Authors does it better.

Just today, I noticed someone marketing their blog on Facebook. Their post read... Well, actually, maybe I should just share the image that they shared on Facebook so that you can see it for yourself.

Now, I'm not saying that this person is wrong. I mean if she's putting in the work, then so be it. Let her charge. However, All Authors does exactly the same thing--reaches a vast amount of readers and writers, networks with several different Social Media sites and people connected therein, YET WE DO NOT CHARGE!

We could if we really wanted to, but realizing that there is a gap in the market and many authors need support, we don't. Now, should I? Do you all REALLY want me to charge for giving you exactly what this person and others like him/her does? Because, if you want to, then I will. Lord know I can use the money!

Here is another example of a place for author promotional service referrals, called Book Marketing and Book Promotions. There you will find out about all sort of promotional services, however most of them you would have to pay for, and the pricing is ridiculous.


Everything costs money...

I found yet another site that also does Author Promotions. Take a look at THESE prices. Once again, things that All Authors does for FREE or at discounted prices.

Here is a great example:

There prices for Book Trailers

60 Seconds $75 Media cost paid by author

90 Seconds $140 Media cost paid by author

2 plus minutes $200 Media cost paid by author

All Authors Prices for Book Trailers

Book Trailer Services start at $60.00/£36.67 for a 1 minute video. Add only $5/£3.06 for every additional 20 seconds.

There prices for Book Covers

Basic Book Covers $100.00 stock footage picked by author separate fee??

Basic Full Spread Jacket with back $150.00 stock footage picked by author separate fee??

Original Book Cover $250 photo provided by LAS

Original Jacket Design $300 photo provided by LAS

Exclusive Book Cover $300 photo provided by LAS then archived for a three year period

Exclusive Book Jacket $350 photo provided by LAS then archived for a three year period.

All Authors priced for Book Covers and the like

Authors will get a 100% original piece. NO stock photos or reused photos will be utilized.

Banners for only $5 /£3.06

Front Covers for only $35/£21.39

Front and back cover combos for only $55/£33.62

These, of course, are just SOME examples.

All Authors also offers Advertisement slots for only $5.00/£3.06 per book, per month on our All Authors Magazine page.


Here are some more examples:

Author Spotlight with All Authors, FREE.

Cover Release with All Authors, FREE.

Author Interview with All Authors, FREE.

Blog Blitz with All Authors, FREE.

A slot in future issues of All Authors Magazine, only $5.00/£3.06.

Go ahead and try to get THOSE prices somewhere else.

So, the question remains...

Do authors really WANT to pay for services that they can get for FREE or at discounted pricing?

 I just don't know.

Please authors, readers, tell me your thoughts.

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