Tuesday, August 26, 2014

08/26/0214 ~ Things that are wrong with this country ~ Journal entry

Call me a party pooper, or a negative person if you'd like. Frankly, I don't care.


Today I'm taking the time to look into the things that are wrong with this country. Basically, I need to vent.



The more I look at the news, Facebook status and other socializing/media networks, the more I realize that there are some things seriously wrong with this country. So today, rather than elaborate on all of the things that are wrong and try to find solutions for them, I'm just going to make a list of all of the messed up things in this country and call it a day.

Here are the Top 10 things wrong with America today:




10: Idiots have taken over!


9: Taxes keep going up, whiles wages keep going down.


8: The government is spending good tax dollars on bullshit.


7: Youth is too fixated on the most recent “water challenge” and “latest sneaker style” to actually make a future for themselves.


6: Idiots have taken over!



5: The media is too obsessed with what Kim Kardashian is wearing, or what Miley Cyrus' new venture is, rather than provide informal and uplifting news. As the matter of fact, today's news is a combination of two things. (1) What the super stars are doing. (2) Depressing and emotionally torrential shit.


4: People are becoming blinded by what's presented to them on television and not really looking at the core of the problems.


3: The government, instead of helping it's own citizens in need, are actually helping themselves, or some remote third world country. Basically they are giving help to others and not doing enough for us.


2: The entire society is growing lazier and lazier. Having the newest model of smart phone is more important than working hard or getting a good education.



(Pardon me while I sob a bit before I get to number 1...)

And now... the NUMBER ONE REASON as to why this country is going to the dogs...



1: Idiots are taking over!!!

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