Saturday, May 12, 2018

Cool News

Truth is, the last week or so have been interesting. Both in day to day life, as well as, in a professional sense. And, while I refuse to get into the personal aspect of things, I have some really cool news regarding my writing career.
So, in the last few weeks I met this cool guy named Anthony Marchio. We instantly became really good friends as we share a love for writing and the creative arts. Anthony is a filmmaker, screenwriter and producer and owns his own company called Marchio Productions. Well, as things would have it, Anthony and I started sharing our art with each other.
As you probably already know, I love sharing my art with people.
So, I gifted him a copy of "Dimensions of Literary Seduction" just because. And, wouldn't you know it, Anthony fell in love with my writing style. Which to me was incredibly flattering and humbling. After all, HE is the professional, if you will.
Through conversation Anthony states that he would love to turn "The G Particle" into a short film as he can really see that story as something special. He said that reading it was like watching a movie and he could imagine it on film. Fast forward a very long conversation, Anthony and I agreed to turn "The G Particle" into a short film under his production agency. Filming starts this summer. Woot!
I was like ...

Hell-to-the-yeah! 😁

Then, as the conversation progresses, Anthony and I agree that we are gonna work together going forward. I will be screenplay writing for him, directing and filming. We will be using some of my existing stories, and probably some new ones that I'll be creating along the way.
Mind you, this has been something that I've always wanted to do. Even if it is for a smaller production agency. It very much feels like this is something that I'd been meant to be doing all along. I am so very excited about this opportunity. But, what excites me even more is the possibility of pairing up with some on my author friends, whose books I've read and loved, and making their movie dreams come true.

For as excited as I am, there is a part of me—the perfectionist part—that is highly concerned about the book to screen translation. Reason being:
(1) Will the translation do the books justice?
(2)  Will the cast hired be good enough to portray the characters and stories effectively?

My biggest fear as it pertains to making my books (and others' books) into movies has always been the diluting of efficient and skilled writing/storytelling. Romancing the words (also known as wordplay) has always been such an intimate experience for me that I fear the beauty painted in diction will be lost at the hands of wordless screens. I'm not sure if that makes much sense to other people.

Regardless, the prospect of bringing stories—good ones—to life and representing the indie book world via the indie film-making world is a venture I simply cannot let slip away.

With that said ...

Thank you, Anthony, for your offer and help. I am super happy to be a part of your production team!

😃 😄😁