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Phenomenal Freebie!


You know, EVERYBODY loves a FREEBIE! Why not come and get this one?

Do you enjoy a good read and a free book? Here's is one that you can curl up with along with your favorite beverage and giggle while you page turn.


C. Desert Rose's "Nethayel's Lady Lune"


Even the moon has secrets …

Traversing the globe—from Louisiana, USA to New Zealand—on an enterprise to discover the hidden secrets of the moon, Nethanyel finds that everything may not be as it seems. Accompanied by a consequential companion named Jax, Nethanyel is taken to a place … even a time … that he would have never expected.
Set in the year 1940, is Nethanyel’s Lady Lune exploration, fate or both?

What Are Readers Saying?

Nethanyel’s always been captivated by the legend of the lady in the moon, when he gets a chance to go on an exhibition to explore the myth, he jumps at the chance. With his newfound friend, Jax, the two of them set out to learn the truth and when they met the mysterious Rona, they’ll realize there’s more to the legend than meets the eye.

This is the third book I’ve read by the author and what I love most about her books is how she infuses the genres of fantasy and romance together. The mythology of the lady of the moon is what drew me into the book, but the romance element added a perfect touch to the story as Nethanyel sought to seek answers about the moon’s enchantress who captivated his heart.

Out of all the characters in the story, Jax was my favorite. In every scene, he stole the show and added humor to the story. I loved the banter he had with Nethanyel, one of my favorite parts is how Jax refers to Nethanyel as “Nate Mate” throughout the story.

If you’re in the mood for a story that combines the elements of fantasy, romance, and a dash of humor (courtesy of Jax), I recommend Nethanyel’s Lady Lune.

~ Author Carol Cassada

red_page_divider_by_cougar28-d4vppotThere are so many things in this world and beyond that we know little about. Mythological creatures, sacred places, and old folklore, all add to those mysteries. In the novelette, Nethanyel’s Lady Lune by C. Desert Rose, we run head on into a time and place where the legendary past meets the present (in this case…the 1940s).

Nethanyel’s Lady Lune drops us into the lives of Nethanyel and Jax. Two very different men, from different parts of the world, but have one thing in common – to find the remains of Rona – the legendary moon goddess. I won’t go into any more details of the story, as the secrets of the moon are to be revealed when you read.

The story flows well from start to finish; is well told and easy to follow as we weave in and out of Nethanyel and Jax’s journey and quest. The backstory and the insight into Rona’s past and legend all comes together in due time. I enjoyed how C. Desert Rose drew on all elements in the story and brings them together in a fast-paced ending.

~ Author A. Lopez Jr

red_page_divider_by_cougar28-d4vppotI found the banter between Jax and Nethanyel absolutely hilarious! It reminds me of the back and forth between a certain person and me (who I will not name at the moment). One of us is full of words, and that would be yours truly. The other party prefers to just keep it to one word or one liners. I could picture myself in the majority of the scenes and going, “Oh, I definitely would say that” or “I would so do that”. This type of familiarity does keep one’s attention, particularly at her intended target audience.

~ Author Synful Desire


Nethanyel could hear someone stumbling in, drunk and disorderly. This was nothing new. Things like this happened in bars all the time. What happened next was new however. The man who had barged in obnoxiously called, “Bartender, pour me a cold one, would ya?” Nethanyel considered that the man had a funny accent, but could not place it and furthermore said nothing. He didn’t so much as turn around to acknowledge the drunken bastard.

The bartender poured the stranger his drink, as the man came waltzing over to sit right next to Nethanyel. “You’re not from around here.” the bartender commented matter-of-factly.

“No, my good man. Indeed I'm not,”

“Where from?”

“Far from here, my good sir. Oceans away ...” he said as he extended his arm, waving it in one large circle towards the horizon.

“That didn't answer my question,” the bartender was an older man. I’m too damn old to play “name that accent” with this fool, thought the bartender. So he kept his conversations straight and to the point.

“Ah, well,” the odd stranger commented with a subtlety that made the words slip off his tongue, “I am from New Zealand, mate.”

“Why you callin' me 'mate'? You don't even know me.” the bartender said in an unvarnished tone then turned his back to the drunkard.

Feeling the awkwardness of the moment the man’s eye shot to the floor and then looked around the room, lifting his glass to whom ever made eye contact with him. Tilting his body’s weight into Nethanyel, he murmured, “Lively crowd we got here.” sarcasm absolute.

“Mhm.” Nethanyel hummed. Why must idiots like this insist on bugging me? Nethanyel pondered, then attempted to turn away from the man. No luck.

“Well …” the man huffed “it must be the weather then,” thinking his comeback was funny. It wasn’t. Extending his hand towards Nethanyel and offering a handshake, the inebriated man attempted to introduce himself. Nethanyel was in no mood for chit-chat, formalities, or anything of the sort. Nethanyel grabbed his drink, offering his back as a response to the drunk nitwit’s attempt.

Not catching on to the hint, the inebriated fellow maneuvered his already extended hand to Nethanyel’s shoulder and patted it, then continued with his conversation, “Jax here. Nice to meet you.” Then intentionally talked through his teeth, “Not that I actually met you, or anybody else for that matter. Wow! And I thought that Louisiana was a friendly place. You know? Considering the Mardi Gras and all.”

By now Nethaniel was very uncomfortable, so he stood up, taking his drink along with him and sat a few feet away. Attempting to find a new chatting partner Jax, the intoxicated New Zealander, turned to the bartender once more and asked cynically, “So are parties this lively all the time?”

“Just about.” the bartender replied with a nod. Noticing that Jax wasn't going to give up on trying to form conversation he asked, “What brings you to Louisiana? It's not Mardi Gras season.”

“Yes, yes. That I'm well aware of, mate. I've actually come to America to do some research. Louisiana, is merely where the boat docked. So, here I am. Tah-dah!

“Oh.” was all the bartender replied, not once asking Jax to elaborate. Truth be told, he wasn’t even interested.


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