Sunday, May 17, 2015

3 #Freebies By Yours Truly

Hello amazing followers!


Well, after much thought and a long conversation with my best friend yesterday I realized that I rarely talk about my own works. So today I am going to do just that.

This morning I woke up focused on wanting to give a new face to some of my older short stories—reinvent them, if you will.

When I first wrote them some years ago I was just learning about the Graphic Design game and admittedly the covers weren't the best. The stories on the other hand were good but just not getting as much attention as they deserved due to lackluster covers. So, I was like "Methinks, it's time to give my short stories another look, a look that will attract more readers."

Long story short, I woke up this morning and started the new venture to redo the covers to three of my free short stories. I'd like to present them to you today.

As most of you, know I am a multi-genre author. My works scopes a wide range genres. The books I'll be sharing with you today are Chick-Lit Comedy, Contemporary Chick-Lit Erotica and Science Fiction.



First up "Ryan".


Minnie has an enormous crush on Ryan. Everything about him makes her skin tingle. Without being able to control it, she finds herself daydreaming about him every single day.
What she would do to him if he were her's!


New, "The G Particle"


A day in the life of G isn't exactly what it seems. Although the mundane seems inevitable, there is something that G does not know.


And, last but not least, "Loving ... them!"


Odette seems to have a problem finding true love. The kind that fairy tales are made up of, the kind that inspires and changed a person.

Reminiscing, Odette tells us about the men she's loved and lost.



So, don't delay! Go pick up your FREE copies today. What do you have to lose? They're FREE & they're SHORT! If you hate them, then at least you only spent 5 minutes reading them. * LOL * :D

Lot's of hugs and all the best!


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