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Excerpt of W.I.P. called "Genesis Ellipse..."

Howdy one and all,

I was in the sharing mood, so I've decided to share with you all an excerpt of one of my current W.I.P.s which I've titled "Genesis Ellipse...".

Yes, the ellipsis (not to be confused with ellipse) is part of the title. I suppose that it might be important to explain the meaning behind the title, before I dive into the excerpt.


If you're anything like me, you'll realize that the title of a book is massively important for various reasons.

  • They serve as a hook. By hook I mean that if it is catchy enough, people might want to read your story.

  • They give a very short explanation of the contents of the book.

So, due to these reasons, I had to be very careful in choosing the title for this Work In Progress. Mostly because it is such a complex story that it had to have a title that encapsulated its premise properly. In my mind I went through a list of possible titles but none of them seemed to do the story justice. Moreover, they didn't seem to explain it. For me, that was key.

So the first part of the title ("Genesis") I chose because of the fact that the story is tied into the biblical figures of Adam and Eve and the story of the creation.


The second part of the title ("Ellipse") I chose because of its meaning. Ellipse is a mathematical term that in several words means the oval/circle within a cone/funnel. Basically it's a line that meets where it started and is found inside of a cone. To me, it was synonymous with "returning from whence it came".


Then the last part of the title ("...") I chose because it means an incomplete thought or sentence. This was important to me because in my mind it meant that since the thought was incomplete, anything was possible. As in "no one knows the future".


So now that I've explained that, I should probably explain the premise.

You're more than likely wondering "Wow, interesting title. But, what's it really about?"

Genesis Ellipse... is the story of Yevah Bartholomew and Dimitri Bachman. In case you are wondering, yes, their names have meanings too.


Well, if you combine the first and the last names of these characters you will have the complete meaning. Going solely by their first or last name, the meaning will be incomplete.

Yevah Bartholomew means:

The Bringer of Life to the Land

Dimitri Bachman means:

Son of Land and giver of Life

Yes, the names are similar in meaning, but differ in that Yevah's name means that she gives life to the land, and Dimitri's name means that he is product of the land and therefore gives it life.

Cool, I know. Lol


So, as I was saying...

Yevah and Dimitri are the reincarnation of the biblical figures of Adam and Eve, who have been reincarnated time and time again--over and over. The main twist is that they have been "condemned" to be choronauts (time travelers), the biggest twist is that they are from different times and places.

Okay, that's all I'm gonna say. You'll have to read the book when it's released to get the full story.


All right, I won't make you wait any longer. Here is the excerpt:



Genesis Ellipse...


Y. Correa

Copyright Y. Correa 2014

I remember as a child having heard stories of how once upon a time, the heavens poured frozen flakes of water upon this place. I couldn't help but imagine how beautiful it must have been.


Until one day...


As a child I traveled once to a land that was unfamiliar to me—as I always did. Traveling was out of my control—it just happened. I never knew when I would travel, or to where.

I was so cold and so scared.

It was a chill filled day. Trees' leaves were in the halfway point between yellow and orange. Not being from this place, or this time, everything seemed so new.

The place where I landed was strange. Uneasiness came easily, my unfamiliarity with this place cause my nerves to run a muck.

With time came the lesson of how to flee and hide—I'd learned how to survive. Such was the complexity of my life. The essence of my existence; survival and concealment.

Time traveling never allowed the use of clothing, so I was completely naked. How cold it was! My legs, arms and lips trembled as my naked body absorbed the perforating cold. I'd never felt anything like it. Even still, the beauty therein had no compare.

I was awe stricken with the loveliness of those tiny white flakes of frozen water as they glittered my skin and dusted the multicolored leaves atop the pavement. Luckily, I always found a way to cover myself. Stealing some clothes from someone's clothesline, I dressed. The sleeveless shirt and drab skirt were way too big. Nevertheless, I made do.

The shacks of this place were enormous and grazed the heavens. They were stacked up in lines, in the center of which lay a wide surface where smaller shacks on wheels raced. Highly populated and confusing. My body shivered from the cold, crisp temperature. People ran busily around and no one so much as noticed me. Who would notice a lonely, cold child in a place inundated with unfortunate humanity—a place pestered with displaced human beings? No one.


Crucially, in time, I became a bit more aware of the ancient English language. Accustomed to their odd ways of speech—their peculiar wordings. I learned that these enormous shacks were called buildings and things of the sort, but some things I still do not know, nor understand.


That day, I wandered for what seemed like hours, still quivering from the incredibly amount of cold that I felt. I was not used to it. My bones were starting to stiffen and feel sore due to the cool air. Though the frozen rain barely dusted the ground, my feet were growing numb as they throbbed with the pain that the frigidness caused, a cold that they could not withstand.

I was alone, and hungry, scared and uprooted. Eventually, I made my way to a small segment of recreational land with large toys. Things where children swung, and more things where other children slid; a wide array of enormous toys. And the children who played there seemed content and amused.


All, except for one...


This land—like all others—was foreign to me, so confusion abounded, yet at the sight of that boy everything changed. I found myself feeling more for him than for myself.

He sat quietly on a bench, head tilted, pensive. Apart from everyone else. Shaggy brown curls, blown by every gust of wind. Large blue eyes, fixed on nothing in particular, looking as though he were staring into a grand abyss. Light skin, appearing pale. Transfixed, he seemed. Nothing like anyone else in this place.

Walking to him, I sat by his side and introduced myself.

“I'm Yevah,”

“Hi,” was all he said in return.

“What is your name?”


“Why are you so sad?” I asked, with genuine interest.

“I don't know.”

“Would you like some company?”

“I guess...” He answered with the tiniest shrug of the shoulders.

Not saying another word, I sat there with him. Noting the way I massaged the exposed skin of my arm, Dimitri took off his coat and passed it to me, then removing his shoes, he took off his socks and gave them to me as well, then put his shoes back on.

I smiled at him. His look remained unchanged. But still, without a word, I just stood there with him for the longest time. Night was about to fall and the frozen water had stopped falling hours ago, the area was now vacant of anyone but him and I. Suddenly, I felt myself pulsing away.

“Dimitri, I have to go now,” I took the coat off and returned it, my hands shaking in the process.


“Will you be alright?”

“Yeah.” He replied, demeanor unchanged.

“Good bye, Dimitri.”


Standing to my feet and walking as fast as I could, I ran behind some bushes and soon fizzled off, back to my time.


That memory is still with me. Standing the test of all times. Poor little Dimitri, out of place, sad and alone... just like I was.

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